You Can Get Paid £26,000 To Nap

Sometimes it’s okay to skip your 9am lectures.

There’s nothing better in life than a nap. If you like to sneak off from lectures or cancel your afternoon plans for a nap you’ll know how good it feels to be in bed when you really should be doing something else.

If you’re a proud napper, you’ll probably face a lot of criticism from those who are firmly team no napping and ask you how you can waste the day sleeping, but they just don’t get it.

Luckily, for all of us who LOVE an afternoon nap, a new opportunity means that you could actually get paid to nap which seems like a dream come true for anyone whose safe space is their bed.

How can I get paid £26,000 to nap?

Snoozing is encouraged in this job, as window-furnishing specialist Thomas Sanderson is looking to recruit a team of pro nappers. The nap team will help to develop a nap calculator by keeping a personal diary over a five-day period throughout January. You’ll need to take plenty of daily naps and record how you napped and what conditions you needed to have a peaceful snooze. As a thank you for taking part you’ll get paid £500, which is £26,000 pro rata!

The research you do will help to develop the nap calculator which will be used to advise people on what type of naps they need to make them feel great and improve their mood and general wellbeing.

Of course, napping is a great way to catch up on sleep but can make us feel 10x better during the cold and miserable days of winter, so if you’re someone who has a daily nap this is the perfect opportunity for you.

If this sounds like your dream role and you’d like to join the nap masters team simply email by the 19th of January with your name and why you’d like to apply. You can find the full t&cs on the Thomas Sanderson website here.