Futureproof get paid to watch videos - tv and remote with hand
Futureproof get paid to watch videos - tv and remote with hand

9 Ways You Can Get Paid To Watch Videos In 2024

Get paid to watch videos from the comfort of your bed.

Are you short on cash and looking for an easy way to make money? Maybe you got inspired by the side hustles with the most opportunity and want to add to your income.

Making money watching videos is genuinely a way to do this. It works by watching movies, ads, and clips, which is just as easy as it sounds, and is likely something most of us do for free anyway in our free time!

The catch? While you’re not gonna roll in it, it’s still a legit way to make some extra pocket money with minimal effort and can even supplement an online student job you have already.

The biggest bonus of all though, is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home, bed, uni lecture — wherever and whenever! No need to get dressed, keep the pjs on and grab a cuppa. Sounds like the ideal life, TBH.

So without further ado, here are the best ways to make money watching videos online.

Get paid to watch videos online - male with hat on and watching videos on phone via headphones.

Ways to make money watching videos online

1. Swagbucks

SwagBucks is an online extension you can install and is a great way to earn cash. You simply browse the web, watch videos and complete surveys.

Expect short clips like ads, viral videos and the news. And yes, you won’t earn huge amounts of cash but it all adds up.

2. Writing captions and subtitles

Writing captions for video is highly in demand. While closed captions are generated automatically, they aren’t flawless, so companies are willing to pay for someone with good listening and typing skills to get the subs nailed down.

It’s a great freelance career to start too and helps build your portfolio while you’re studying. Seek out sites like UpWork or Fiverr to find captioning and subtitle jobs. Plus, if you speak another language, you can broaden the work you get in too!

3. Promoting videos online

Ever considered charging companies to promote their own videos on your social media?

If you’ve got an engaged audience, companies will pay you to host their video content. The bigger your audience, the more leverage you have to charge more.

Make sure the videos are relevant to your audience though! And be sure to follow ASA guidelines so you’re promoting the right way. Get paid to watch videos and promote them, easy peasy!

4. InboxPounds

InboxPounds works in the same way SwagBucks does. You can take surveys and watch videos online to make extra pennies.

Again, the payouts aren’t massive. But if you combine it with other tips on this list then you could make a pretty penny on the side.

5. Reviewing videos and shows

On a journalism course or want to write for a living? Pitching articles to film publications can earn you can real cash. While the field is competitive, it’s worth giving a go, especially if you have a hot take on film and TV shows.

It’s worth knowing it won’t happen straight away and you may need to build your portfolio first. However, this could lead to a full-time job out of uni and make you some serious cash in the long term.

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6. WeAre8

WeAre8 is similar to SwagBucks and InboxPounds, but makes a difference. The videos you watch could not only earn you cash, but could directly support charities too.

You need to make a minimum of £1 to get a payout, but the money can either go to your bank, a charity of choice or even towards your EE bill!

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7. Slicethepie

Slicethepie is another site like SwagBucks we recommend to make money on the side. It works like a review site where you can watch interesting videos, listen to music and answer short survey questions. Videos are often commercials or trailers, but the payout is a little higher than the rest (around £7).

8. Earnably

Earnably lets you earn digital rewards or gift cards when you complete tasks like watching videos.

You can cash out instantly with PayPal or with shopping vouchers. You can also earn extra bonus points if you keep a lookout on their Facebook or Twitter profiles as they share codes to get you extra points. Just be aware that with many sites like these, there is a minimum payout before you can cash out your earnings.

9. iRazoo

Get a sign-up bonus of 50 points when you sign up to iRazoo, a platform that pays you to watch videos and trailers. You’ll get the money paid straight to your PayPal account when you accumulate enough points, or you can redeem the points for gift cards.

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