The Universities Where Students Earn £40K After Graduating

New data has shown the universities where students are most likely to earn higher salaries after they graduate.

When it comes to life after uni, it’s not something that a lot of students tend to worry about too much when they’re choosing which university to attend.

However, new data has shown that there are certain universities where students are more likely to go on to well-paid jobs after they graduate compared to other unis. Of course, when it comes to choosing a university you should always be choosing what’s best for you based on the course, the teaching standards, the university itself and any facilities and opportunities that the uni can offer you–– not necessarily where the uni could help you land after you graduate.

Having a university degree alone will definitely help you with future job prospects, however, new research has shown that students from a select group of UK universities will go on to earn over £40,000 or more in the first 5 years after they graduate.

While the average salary for jobs requiring a degree is now £26,944 a year compared to £21,494 for those without one, if you attend one of the below universities you are much more likely to see your income steadily increasing by the time you’ve graduated and have been working for 5 years.

The UK universities where students earn over £40k a year on average 5 years after graduating

  • Cass Business School- £51,921
  • University of Oxford- £49,086
  • Warwick Business School- £47,446
  • Imperial College- £46,305
  • University of Cambridge- £42,680
  • University College London- £40,852

The UK universities where students earn £30k-£40k on average 5 years after graduating

  • Amity University- £39,126
  • Cranfield University- £38,778
  • Durham University- £38,686
  • London School of Economics- £37,470
  • King’s College London- £37,025
  • Newcastle University- £36,975
  • SOAS University of London- £36,603
  • Queen’s University- £36,392
  • University of Edinburgh- £36,291

It’s no surprise to see that students attending Oxford or Cambridge are most likely to earn the top salaries, while business and economics universities also dominate the rankings.

Going to a more prestigious university can obviously help your job and salary prospects, but at the end of the day having a degree will still increase your chances of landing a job with a higher salary than if you didn’t have a degree at all, so don’t feel disheartened if your university isn’t in the top!

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