This Dream Grad Job Pays £51K To Work With Real MI5 Spies

If you’re a fan of James Bond, this could be your dream job.

When it comes to choosing a career there are so many jobs out there that you probably have no idea actually exist. Not to mention, it turns out that for some of those cool jobs you don’t actually need loads of qualifications or training to successfully do.

One of the cool jobs includes becoming an agent handler for MI5 which involves meeting spies and gathering intelligence.

How can I become an agent handler for MI5?

MI5 is on the lookout for new agent handlers who will need to be London based and gather intelligence to help keep the country safe. The job of the agent handlers is to spend time meeting MI5 agents in public places such as buses and public transport or on foot, meaning the chosen candidates will need to be active and have no issue with having to walk around a lot.

What are the job requirements?

To be qualified for the job you’ll need:

  • A good knowledge of public transport services in London
  • A pass in GCSE English Language
  • A pass in GCSE Maths
  • To be willing to work unsociable hours
  • Good people skills
  • The ability to work independently

The chosen agent handlers will be paid £51,000 per year + an extra £3,000 if you’re required to work unsociable hours to meet spies. You will need to be willing to meet up with people in public and will mainly be working via public transport.

Crucial elements of the role include overseeing relationships with members of the public who provide MI5 with key information on potential threats and gathering intelligence, which could be useful. You would need to interact with a diverse range of people and ensure that they feel comfortable confiding in you, so you would definitely need to have some good people skills.

So, if you haven’t got a grad job secured yet and you’re unsure of what career path you want to take this could be a super cool and unique opportunity!

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