Get Paid £80 An Hour To Watch TikToks

You can now get paid to scroll through TikTok endlessly.

Let’s face it, once you open the app it can be incredibly difficult to put your phone done we’re all guilty of falling into a TikTok hole when we should be doing something else.

Well, if TikTok is your favourite way to procrastinate you’re in luck as a company wants to pay three lucky people to watch TikTok which is probably the best job for any TikTok addicts out there.


How can I get paid to watch TikToks?

The influencer marketing company Ubiquitous is looking for three professional TikTok watchers to join their team and honestly, it really is the dream job. Those chosen will get paid £80 per hour, or around about £800 in total to watch 10 hours of TikTok and report on emerging trends.

So, if you consider yourself a bit of a trendspotter or always know what the latest viral trend or product is, this is definitely the job for you!

All applicants will need to be over 18 and agree to watch over 10 hours of TikTok over 3 days. You’ll need to make note of any emerging trends you see and post a video on a social media platform of your choice, tagging Ubiquitous and talking about the job. Honestly, sign us up!

You can apply right here until the 31st of May.

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