Get Paid £130 A Month To Live In This Italian City For A Year

If your dream is to move to Italy, you’re in luck as you could now get paid to move there.

Thanks to COVID, the world had to hit pause on our travel plans for a few years. Most of us might not have had the chance to travel or live abroad. If living in Italy is your dream (and let’s face it, whose dream wouldn’t include access to the best Italian food and wine and stunning scenery every day), that dream could very much become a reality thanks to this new offer, directly targeting young people.

How can I get paid to live in Italy?

The Northern Italian city of Mantua, situated in Eastern Lombardy wants to pay people €150 a month (roughly £130) to go towards their rent as an incentive to get people to move there.

Mantua has an increasingly aging population and this offer aims to encourage young people and families to move to the city and check out what it has to offer. It’s also a very desirable and award-winning place to live thanks to its warm climate, architecture, and cuisine. You definitely won’t be living somewhere that’s old and run down!

If you want to take advantage of this scheme and can’t wait to pack your bags and jet off, you’ll need to sign up to rent a property in the city for at least a year first. Around 100 applications a year will be considered for the scheme, and applications will open in September so if this sounds like your dream keep this on your radar and keep an eye out for when you can officially apply!