Get Paid £400 To Take Relaxing Baths

We can’t get through the week without a bath tbh.

There’s nothing better than a hot bath after a long day, which as a student is honestly a bit of a privilege. Firstly, your student halls probably don’t have a bath and if you’re in a house your bathroom is probably mouldy and probably hasn’t been cleaned in a long time— so not the most relaxing environment to enjoy a nice cosy bath.

Not to mention if you do brave taking a bath you’ll probably have one of your housemates banging on the door after 5 minutes wanting a wee and when you go to use your favourite shampoo someone’s probably already finished it and will 100% deny it in the house WhatsApp chat.

Well, if you need an excuse to go home at least once a month to the comfort of your parent’s house (who probably have a bathroom that exceeds the standards of a typical uni house) we’ve found you one, as this new side hustle could pay you to take baths.

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How can I get paid to take a bath?

Bathroom Deal wants to pay someone to test out a range of different bathtubs to test the quality and make sure they’re suitable for potential buyers. The luxury bathroom quality assurance tester will get to test out different whirlpool baths and freestanding bathtubs and report back on the full experience.

To fully get into the role you can light candles and relax with your favourite Netflix show, as many Lush bath bombs as your heart desires, or even your favourite meal if you’re someone who likes to snack in the bath.

You’ll be paid £25 an hour which will add up to £400 a month on a freelance basis. The reason you’ll need to visit your parents rather than doing this straight from your uni home is because the expert bath fitting team will need to come over to switch out and install baths into your bathroom for you to try out, which might cause a bit of disruption but they are experts and they will only need to do this around once a month making sure everything goes back to normal afterwards.

You’ll probably need to ask your parents for permission if they own their house as the homeowner will have to agree to it, and we’re doubtful your landlord will be up for it, but it’s worth a try.

Any disruption will definitely be worth it when you’re relaxing in a luxury whirlpool bath instead of taking another cold shower in your mouldy uni bathroom.

If this sounds like your dream job you can read more and apply right here on the Bathroom Deal website.