You Could Win A Free Car For Valentine’s Day

Forget all about chocolate and flowers, this is the gift you want.

Valentine’s Day is next week, and this is your official warning if you’ve forgotten. If your partner is expecting big things and it completely slipped your mind, you still have time to get down to Tesco and buy some heart-shaped chocolate and some roses and book a reservation at PizzaExpress.

Of course, you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day, with Galentine’s and Palentine’s Day now being an established thing more and more people are embracing self-love and buying themselves lavish gifts for Valentine’s Day.

If you haven’t bought your partner or yourself a Valentine’s Day present yet, we’ve found the ultimate present that’s probably hard to beat as you could win a car for Valentine’s Day that will make your friends extremely envious.

Of course, this does pose the dilemma of whether you should keep the car for yourself or gift it to your Valentine but we’ll leave that up to you. But let’s face it, a car is definitely a better gift than a generic card.

How can I win a car for Valentine’s Day?

If midnight McDonald’s or big Tesco trips are a regular part of your weekly routine, you’re going to want a reliable car to get you there. Plus, if you’re constantly the one asking for a lift it will definitely feel good to be the one in control of the car for once.

Click Competitions is running a competition to win a 2021 Ford Focus ST Edition in stunning Azura Blue. Not only is the car sure to stand out from the crowd, but it’s also reliable and super powerful and will definitely make you proud to be the owner.

The car has been completed with some modifications including Maxton Design Front Splitter, Maxton Design Side Skirts, Maxton Design Rear Spats, Maxton Design Rear Diffuser, Maxton Design Spoiler Extension, and Aftermarket Exhaust System which only enhance the car even further.

If you’ve been eyeing up a new car for a while but can’t justify the costs, what’s better than winning one for free? Trust us when we say this is a better Valentine’s Day gift than a card and a box of chocolates.

To be in with the chance of winning you can enter on the Click Competitions website right here, from now up until Valentine’s Day—which is the 14th of February if you need a reminder. The draw will close at 8 pm and entries are limited to one per person, so you and your date can both enter.

Of course, if you are the lucky winner there’s no obligation to gift the car to your Valentine’s date but you’d definitely be in their good books if you did.