This Bank Is Giving Away Free MacBooks To Uni Students

It’s time to upgrade your laptop.

Why is it that people who have a MacBook seem to have their lives together? Seriously, they turn up to lectures and are just instantly cooler than everyone else, tapping away on the keyboard and essentially calling you poor if you don’t have one.

If you have a regular laptop, or, shock horror take written notes in a notepad you know that the MacBook people have it more together than you, even if they spend the whole lecture with their MacBook open and taking no notes. Just having a MacBook is a symbol that they’re better than you, and they will never call it a laptop. Nope it’s a MacBook Pro with the M2 Chip, thank you very much.

Well, if you want to be part of the MacBook gang or have a super old Mac that could do with an upgrade, you’re in luck. You could win a MacBook Air for free this month, and there’s literally no catch.


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How can I win a free MacBook?

If you want to get your hands on a MacBook Air, you could be in luck as Santander is treating students this month and giving them out for free and there’s never been a better time to upgrade before a new academic year in September rolls around.

10 lucky students could win a brand new MacBook Air to help improve your academic journey, from being one of those effortlessly cool people in your lectures to writing up your assignments on the go. Of course, a MacBook will help you with your uni work but it’s also great for your everyday life too, from FaceTiming your parents, catching up on Netflix, or even gaming with hundreds of apps available to download from Apple Arcade.

There are also loads of student-friendly features to help make completing assignments easier such as hacks for organising your screen and transcribing books and journals so you don’t have to type out the notes in full. You’ll also be able to seamlessly airdrop notes, photos, videos, and links from your iPhone to your Mac as well as access all of your iMessage chats straight from your laptop too.

So, not that we’re advocating for losing your phone on a night out, but if you did and you have a MacBook you’ll still be able to access pretty much everything on your phone.

This offer is available to all students, including undergraduates, postgraduates, full-time, and part-time students and you don’t have to have a Santander bank account to enter. The only criteria is that you’re a student studying in the UK at any UK university.

If you want to be in with the chance of winning a MacBook you can enter the competition right here and read more about the prize draw.

You have until the 18th of July 2024 to apply and the winners will be contacted by the 25th of July, so spread the word to your friends and sign up now to be in with the chance to be one of the ten lucky winners.