Mikaela Bartlett

Senior Content Writer

Mikaela joined Student Beans in 2024 as a senior writer for the Student Beans Blog. With a background in financial services and her own experience as a Politics student, Mikaela feels strongly about helping students feel empowered academically, financially and politically. In her spare time, Mikaela likes to flex her Google Sheets skills, feed her Sims 4 addiction and talk the ear off anyone who will listen about Taylor Swift.

  • English Literature (BA Hons)
  • Diplomacy and International Relations (MA)
Personal Quote

“I know from my own experience how overwhelming student life can be, from getting your results to navigating uni life and budgeting your way through the year, one tin of beans at a time. I love writing guides on how to make that transition to university as easy as possible and finding out the best expert tips to give students the inside scoop.”