The Uni Cities Where Landlords Are Making The Most Money

We’re not even surprised anymore.

It’s no secret that things in the UK are expensive right now and rent prices keep rising and rising. It’s worse when you consider how much money your landlord is pocketing from you each month and how disgusting some student properties actually are.

Yeah, your landlord would probably contact you immediately if you were an hour late with the rent but if you’re trying to get them to fix an actual problem you’ll be waiting weeks. From mould, rats and mushrooms growing from the ground— we’ve truly seen it all when it comes to awful student properties.

Students arguably have it worse than average renters as there’s the stereotype that students are messy and will trash the place, which means landlords are less likely to want to invest in actually making the place liveable on the basis it will probably be ruined within a month— which isn’t true.

So what if you want to throw a few house parties here and there, it doesn’t mean you should have to breathe in toxic mould every day or live without hot water because your landlord doesn’t want to fix it (do we have to remind them we’re literally paying them thousands of pounds a month which is supposed to go towards fixing things???)

Well, if you’re already annoyed by your landlord you’re probably going to get even more annoyed when you find out how much the average student landlord is making per month in your uni city. Thanks to Natwest’s Student Living Index we know how much the average room costs in different cities and remember, your landlord is getting that money from multiple people every month.

Oh and let’s not forget, a lot of landlords own more than one property and some student houses can have up to six rooms, which is a lot of money lining your landlord’s pocket each month.

The top 10 uni cities where landlords are earning the most each month

10. Liverpool– average room £549.60 per month

9. Glasgow– average room £562.70 per month

8. Manchester- average room £567.80 per month

7. Nottingham- average room £578.10 per month

6. Oxford- average room £601.30 per month

5. Leeds- average room £608.30 per month

4. Edinburgh- average room £635.20 per month

3. Cambridge- average room £642.50 per month

2. Bristol- average room £718.80 per month

1. London- average room £840.30 per month

Are we even surprised?

So, if you were living in a 5-bed student house in Nottingham your landlord would be taking on average £2,984 a month in total and that’s if they only own one property (which let’s face it, how many student landlords stop at just the one property when they’re earning easy money each month?)

Of course, it’s no surprise to see such high prices for London but when you consider this cost is often just for the room and not including any bills it really is shocking, especially when students are not working full time to be able to cover these costs.