This Bank Is Giving Away Free iPads To Uni Students 

There’s literally no catch.

Having an iPad is way cooler than a laptop. Not only can you actually write your notes with the Apple Pencil and make doodles or drawings mid-lecture, but they’re great for watching Netflix on the go, making dreamy Pinterest boards, and basically doing everything you can do on a laptop, but looking 10x cooler.

There’s only one catch, which is that iPads aren’t exactly cheap. And if your parents have already bought you a laptop for uni, they’re probably not going to fork out for an iPad too.

Well, you’re in luck as you could win a free iPad this month literally just for being a student and to help you with your studies (and dreaming up your ideal life on Pinterest during lectures of course).

How can I get a free iPad?

If you want to get your hands on one of 25 free iPads over the next few weeks, you need to check out Santander’s latest student competition.

Santander is giving out free iPads to students in the UK to help connect students with the resources they need to get through uni. So if you don’t have an iPad or a laptop and rely on the ones in the library, this is your chance to get one without having to pay for it.

There’s really no catch here, all you have to do is be either an undergraduate or postgraduate student at a UK university full-time or part-time. You also don’t have to have a Santander Bank account to apply, this opportunity is available to everyone regardless of who you bank with or what university you attend.

The only requirements are that you’re studying at a UK university for any degree or you’re doing a degree apprenticeship, you’re a UK resident, and if you win you must be able to provide a valid UK university student ID number.

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, it’s definitely not and 25 lucky students could be in with the chance of winning a 9th Generation Apple iPad from Santander just by entering the competition right here.

You have until the 11pm on the 27th of June 2024 to apply, so spread the word to your friends as you could all be in with the chance of winning an iPad to help you level up your studies this year.

So, if you want to look cool tapping away on your iPad during lectures or like to catch up on Netflix or YouTube on the bus but find your phone screen too small, or just want to experience drawing with an Apple Pencil, now’s your chance to grab a totally free iPad just because you’re a student.