A School Has Introduced A 12-Hour Day To Stop Phone Addiction

Bad news for students at this school.

A school in North London has had enough of students being addicted to their phones and spending all their time on TikTok and has launched a new trial measure to try and stop this.

Yep, you read that right as a way to get kids to spend less time on their phones they will now have to attend school for 12 hours a day, one day a week.

All Saints College in Notting Hill has announced that it will now be open from 7 am to 7 pm on Tuesdays, to encourage students to spend less time on their phones and more time doing extracurricular activities instead.

As a way to tackle a generational problem of overconsumption of phones and social media, the school will be running art, drama, dodgeball, basketball and cookery classes before and after regular lessons as a bid to get students doing something more productive instead.

Students will also be offered a hot dinner after school, as they won’t be able to go home in time for dinner.

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While many people might argue that using phones in school and phone usage in general among students can cause bullying or distractions, others disagree that phones are that harmful to kids. Let’s not forget how educational YouTube and TikTok can be, and how apps such as Duo Lingo can actually help people to learn.

While a 12-hour school day might seem drastic, and you definitely wouldn’t want to be spending that long at school it could be beneficial in encouraging students to spend more time on hobbies rather than being glued to TikTok.

While this is a trial, if it’s successful the school could roll out the 12-hour day for more days each week and make it compulsory for all students to attend and other schools could copy the idea.

Many unis have banned phones in libraries or study areas, and if the idea of a longer school day without phones is successful who’s to say that more uni campuses might enforce wider phone bans in the future?

At least we can sleep easy knowing we were never made to go to school for 12 hours a day, 7 hours was more than enough.