5 Things To Do For Yourself & The Planet This Earth Day

Here’s how you can be kind to the planet this Earth Day.

Earth Day 2024 is on the 22nd of April this year and it’s the perfect day to show some appreciation to the world around us. While good habits can be made at any time and we should all be making the small steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s a good day to start if you feel like you don’t normally think with an eco-first mind.

There are lots of small steps we can all take for ourselves and for our planet to really make a difference, so, if you’re looking for things to do this Earth Day to make an impact, here’s what you can do.

1. Do some sustainable shopping

charity shopping

TikTok has been leading the way when it comes to sustainable shopping, with so many creators choosing to ditch fast fashion and buy second-hand instead. With Love Island choosing eBay as a sponsor and former contestant Tasha as an eBay ambassador, the world has truly seen what gems you can find second-hand and that you don’t need to shop fast fashion all of the time to be fashionable.

This Earth Day why not treat yourself to a sustainable shopping day and check out your local charity shops for some hidden gems? Not only is second-hand shopping a whole day out, but it’s super affordable too! If you don’t feel like a day out, Vinted is a great place for bargains and to pick up some pre-loved pieces as well. Plus, if you have an overflowing wardrobe of clothes you no longer wear now’s the time to sort through it and see what you can donate to charity or sell on Vinted.

2. Spend time outside

It is Earth Day after all! Spring has truly sprung and getting some fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature is one of the best things you can do for yourself after a long, cold and dark winter. Whether you live near a park or opt for your garden, spending some time outside admiring the beauty of nature is a great way to relax and unwind as well as a reminder of how beautiful our planet is and how we need to keep it that way.

3. Check your recycling


Are you guilty of throwing things in the wrong bin when you’re in a rush or feeling lazy? Student kitchens don’t have a great reputation when it comes to being tidy and it’s easy to stick things in the wrong bin, especially if the bins are overflowing and haven’t been emptied.

So, this is your sign to empty and organise your bins this Earth Day and make sure everything’s in the right place and being recycled properly. You can also see if there’s anything you can keep and upcycle, for example, empty jars and bottles which could be super useful to use as storage around your uni house!

4. Try meal prepping

meal prep

Food waste is a huge problem in the UK and when you have a busy student schedule it’s easy to forget about the food you’ve bought before it goes off. Food prepping is actually a great way to improve your organisation and make sure that you’re eating a fresh home-cooked meal every night no matter how busy you are, but it’s great for eliminating food waste too.

Earth Day falls on a weekend, so, why not chuck all the ingredients in your fridge into a meal and batch cook for the week ahead? You’ll definitely thank yourself for being so organised once the busy week ahead has kicked off.

5. Get yourself reusable kitchen items

bamboo cutlery

Plastic and single-use plastic waste is another huge problem which massively impacts our planet. Students frequently opt to eat lunch on campus, at the library or drink coffee on the go which can actually produce a lot of plastic waste if you’re using disposable cutlery or buying yourself a drink in a plastic bottle daily.

Luckily, most shops and restaurants are moving away from plastic disposable cutlery for a more sustainable alternative such as wood, but it won’t hurt to buy your own utensils to do your part. From bamboo or metal utensils and straws to a reusable coffee cup or metal water bottle–– owning all of these things can help to contribute to less waste and less plastic. There are lots of reusable cutlery sets on Amazon and Chilly’s sell amazing water bottles and hot drinks cups too.

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