Get Paid To Live On A Remote Island This Summer

Who doesn’t want to live a quiet life on a stunning island?

If your summers typically look like relaxing, soaking in the sunshine and being at one in nature we’ve found you a dream job that could see you living and working on a remote island in a beautiful cottage.

The picturesque Great Blasket Island, which is a remote island situated off the coast of Ireland is looking for two summer caretakers and it could easily be you.

The island is largely uninhabited and offers stunning picturesque seaside views all year around, but is particularly dreamy in the summer when many people come to visit the island.


This is your sign to take a trip to Great Blasket Island this summer 🤯 (@greenmounthousedingle) #fyp #irish #ireland #irishtiktok #summer #staycation

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What does the job involve?

You’ll get to live on the island for free and stay in a beautiful cottage, but you will need to help out during the tourist season. This involves running the coffee shop and taking care of holiday accommodation and boat trips. You will be paid of course and the exact amount will be discussed with potential applicants.

You’ll get to enjoy the island for free while taking care of the 4 guest houses, checking guests in and out and serving guests in the coffee shop throughout the day. As the job application is seeking two people, this could be the perfect getaway opportunity for you and your partner or best friend to try something different this summer.

All the details on the job and how to apply are right here on the Great Blasket Island website, where you can find out more about the island itself and what living there might be like.

If working on the island isn’t your thing but you’d love a weekend getaway in the summer, there’s plenty of info on the website on boat trips and island accommodation if you want to book a holiday during the summer season instead.

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