You Can Get Paid £2,000 To Binge Watch Netflix And Eat Snacks

If your typical evening involves bingeing Netflix, we’ve found your dream job.

If watching Netflix is basically a second job to you, you’re in luck as a dream opportunity has come up where you could actually get paid to stream some of your fave TV shows!

How can I get paid to watch Netflix?

Onlinecasinos is looking for one lucky candidate to watch 3 popular Netflix TV shows and decide which one is the most binge-worthy.

Best of all? You’ll get paid £2,000 for the job, including £250 to spend on all of your fave snacks to enjoy whilst watching and £150 to cover a yearly Netflix subscription. That will leave you £1,600 to spend on whatever you want, which is a huge salary just for watching TV!

What TV shows will I need to watch?

You’ll need to watch every episode of:

  • Wednesday
  • Squid Game
  • Stranger Things

So, if you’ve already watched them and want to catch up before the new seasons start, now’s your chance.

You’ll also need to rate each show on the following criteria:

  • Bingeability rating (how easy you found it to get through and if you needed to take breaks)
  • Distractability rating (how easily you got distracted by emails, social media, friends etc while watching)
  • Snoozability rating (if you’re likely to get bored)
  • ‘Take Two’ rating (if you’d consider watching it again)
  • The grand finale rating (how the grande finale stacks up against the other shows)

So, if this sounds like your dream job you can apply right here until the 25th of September.