Win A Month-Long Luxury Stay In A Town In Sicily

If you need a vacation before the end of the year, you could win a month-long luxury trip to Sicily.

If you consider yourself an artist, you’re in luck as a small Sicilian town is offering budding artists a free stay with all expenses covered! If you find it hard to strike inspiration for your art or just need a getaway, this could be the ideal trip for you to indulge in the local culture and have a well-needed break.

How can I win a luxury stay in Sicily?

Sambuca Di Sicilia is a town in western Sicily and is looking for 2 artists to treat to the trip of a lifetime. If you’re lucky enough to win, you’ll be treated to luxury accommodation complete with an office space and balcony overlooking the lake, to relax and work on your art. Plus, you’ll get $2,146 each to spend on any materials you might need, as well as free food and guidance from local staff.

You can be any type of artist, however, in exchange for your free luxury stay you’ll need to donate whatever artwork you create to the town. Luckily, the stunning town has plenty of beautiful architecture, nature and history to inspire you to create something. The artwork will then be displayed in either the town’s museum or installed as part of the urban landscape.

All art forms are welcomed, from painting, sculptures or installations, however, this could also extend to poetry or performance art.

If this sounds like your dream, you can apply right here with your portfolio until September the 11th 2023.