This Hack Will Get You Free Hotel Upgrades, Just In Time For Spring Break 2024

Hack your travel for spring break this year.

It’s almost time for you to pack your bags and head off for the ultimate spring break adventure. But did you know you can snag an upgrade at your hotel for zero charge?

With these travel tips and tricks, you’ll be able to elevate your spring break vacation this year without costing you any extra money. Scroll to find out how!

How To Get A Free Hotel Upgrade

There are two different approaches you can take when it comes to getting a free upgrade at your hotel.

The first, and most efficient, way? Just ask! You’d be surprised at how often it works. Experts say that a smile and a bit of honesty can go a long way. Hotel staff want to help (and sometimes surprise) you by giving you what you ask for. Remember, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Another approach is more well-known, and it’s to use your points. Hotel loyalty programs are known for offering pretty big perks, and “travel hacking” is becoming the new norm.

Essentially, you’ll want to sign up for whatever hotel loyalty program you plan on using the most. Then, game the system. Figure out every possible way to get points, whether that’s via purchases on a credit card or other travel plans, and start racking them up. They add up quick, and then you can get some major upgrades for a fraction of the cost.

Complimentary Services To Look For

Early Check-In & Late Check-Out

Rushing out of your hotel room by 10 or 11 a.m. can be a major hassle, and it can be equally annoying to arrive after a long flight, only to find out your room isn’t ready. Make it a habit to see if you can get either a complimentary early check-in or late check-out (or both) every time you travel if you think you’re going to use it.

Local Experiences

Plenty of hotels have partnerships or deals with various local experiences. If there’s something about the local scene you’re curious about, be sure to ask. While some hotels do have more formal experiences like cooking classes, plenty of places have informal events (like learning how to make the bar’s signature cocktail), too. All you have to do is ask.

Fitness Classes

Hotel exercise centers can be a bit of a hit or a miss. If you want a more guided session, check if that’s something your hotel offers. Most places have equipment like yoga mats to rent out, and some even offer free classes or training sessions. Others even partner with certain brands for workouts, like Barry’s Bootcamp, all without costing anything extra.

Long-Distance Calls

If you’re traveling internationally and don’t want to splurge on the unlimited data plan for global coverage, it’s worth asking your hotel if they offer complimentary long-distance calls. Plenty of hotels now partner with Skype and offer around 1 hour of free calls per day.


More often than not, hotels have complimentary transport services—they just tend to not advertise it. This might be a free bike rental to get around, but it can also mean a hotel car.

A “house car,” a luxury vehicle with a driver that will take you around town at absolutely no cost. Ask the concierge something along the lines of, “We were hoping to go to X. Is there someone who could take us there?” If not, ask if there’s any kind of hotel shuttle service.

Happy Hour

Unwinding with a happy hour is a great way to relax, and hotels often have their own specials going on during select hours. Sometimes it’s a complimentary wine hour or beer tasting, and snacks are almost always included.

Items To Ask For


Of course your room will come with the standard shampoo, conditioner, and soap/shower gel. But the front desk often has a few items like toothbrushes stocked behind the front desk at no extra charge. Some hotel chains now even take requests for amenities via an app or text now, making it easier than ever to make a last-minute request without leaving your room.


Hotels generally have international power adapters available for you to use when traveling internationally. Some now even offer things like iPads, laptops, or GoPros. The list of things you can borrow is generally available on the hotel’s website, but it never hurts to ask the front desk, too.


It’s a little known fact that all hotels have umbrellas available to guests who need them. Check your hotel room closet, but if you don’t see it there, ask the front desk.


This is one that will never be advertised, but any hotel worth their salt will have free condoms available for guests. Just call down to the front desk and they’ll send them up to your room, no problem.


Yes, you read that right—quite a few hotels offer instrument rentals! Things like guitars, amps, and headphones are available for rental at select hotels.

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