Effortless Travel Planning Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

Book your dream vacation for 2024.

During the dreary winter months, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Aside from the fact that it’s the best time of year to book your travels for spring, planning a vacation has never been easier thanks to Booking.com.

To streamline the process even more, we’ve rounded up some of our best travel planning tips. Plus, when you use Student Beans, you’ll get an automatic 4% Instant Reward on your accommodation + at least 15% off your first trip of the year!

Make Your Space Feel Like Home

Home is where you and your people feel comfortable enough to be authentically you. A hotel can sometimes be the most practical option, but for certain trips you might just want to feel like you’re at home.

Booking.com is where you go to find a place where you can do just that, anywhere in the world. Whether you want to act like a local or just make your room feel like a home away from home, staying in a cozy space is a must. With Booking.com, you’re bound to find the perfect rental!

Look For Flexible Cancellation

While you might not want to plan for the worst-case scenario, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In case you have to cancel your trip for any reason, you want to be able to get your money back or reschedule your trip without it being a major hassle.

Thanks to Booking.com’s flexible cancellation policy, you can get free cancellation on most stays, because a little extra assurance never hurts anyone.

Plenty of Great Reviews

One of the essential parts of booking a trip is checking out the reviews. Whether it’s about the place you’re staying, the excursions you’re planning, or the restaurants you’re dying to try, we know the power of a good review.

Thankfully with Booking.com, the reviews are front and center. It’s never been easier to plan the perfect vacation with ease.

Total Transparency

Booking.com offers instant booking, every time. This means as soon as you book your trip, it’s actually booked. With clear and transparent information to help you compare, you’ll book with confidence in an instant.

Thankfully, once you’re booked with Booking.com, you know your trip is locked in and secure.

Book Everything With The Same Company

When you try and hodgepodge all your travel plans with different companies trying to look for the best deals, there are too many opportunities for mistakes to occur. Plus, then you have to get ahold of who knows how many different people trying to sort your trip out.

When you book with Booking.com, it’s a one-stop shop. Your lodging, flights, car rentals, and more are all handled in the same place. 

Get a 4% instant reward + at least 15% off your first 2024 trip with Booking.com when you use Student Beans

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