The BEST Places To Travel Around The World

Plan your big 2024 vacation right now. ✈️

Having a trip planned and on your calendar is an instant mood boost. Whether you’re going on a huge excursion you’ve been dreaming of for years or a spontaneous weekend getaway, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to travel.

If you need inspo, we’ve laid out the absolute best places to travel in 2024. International, domestic, chill vibes, or jet setting destinations, we’ve got you covered.

13. Yamaguchi, Japan

Yamaguchi, Japan is lovingly considered the Kyoto of western Japan but is significantly less clogged up by “tourism pollution.” There’s a vibrant mix of old and new in this small city (that’s easily walkable, too), so you’ll get the entire Japan experience in one location.

  • Visit: Rurikoji Temple

12. Normandy, France

People usually think of Paris when they visit France, but Normandy has plenty to offer without all the tourism. The area is home to the beginnings of the impressionist art movement, so the city is perfect for artists and art appreciators alike.

  • Visit: Musée des Beaux-Arts

11. Maui, Hawaii

While the wildfires devastated parts of the island, Maui is now ready to open its doors to tourism once again. Choices are abundant when it comes to activities to do or things to see. The toughest part is narrowing down what all you can fit into your trip!

  • Do: Snorkeling in Kamaole State Beach Park

10. Singapore

Singapore has always been on top when it comes to luxury, but thanks to its recent expansion into the world-class hotel experience, it’s never been a better time to visit. Plus, the cuisine in Singapore is next level—you’ll never be hungry, promise.

  • Stay: Mandarin Oriental

9. Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its beautiful scenery, but there’s a huge nerd culture here, too. Thanks to the European Organization for Nuclear Research [CERN], visitors can see a quantum accelerator up close. But if you want something a little more standard, there’s always chocolate!

  • Do: Choco Pass, a self-guided chocolate tour

8. Manchester, England

Manchester’s music scene is unrivaled, with huge names like Harry Styles set to kick off his new tour there in April. The city will also host two impressive music conferences this year focusing on emerging talent, making it the ideal place to visit for music lovers.

  • Do: Catch a show at Band on the Wall

7. Craters of the Moon, Idaho

Looking to disconnect for a while? Maybe you’d like to feel like you’re on the moon? Then you’re in luck. Craters of the Moon, Idaho hosts beautiful scenery unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The National Park is about the size of Yosemite, but only receives 6% of the visitors.

  • Visit: Dark Sky Park

6. Valencia, Spain

The third-largest city in Spain doesn’t get nearly the love it deserves. Despite its beautiful beaches, vibrant cultural scene, and rich food history, Valencia is often overshadowed by Barcelona. It was also named the European Commission’s “green capital” due to their environmental efforts.

  • Visit: Hortensia Herrero Art Center

5. Kansas City, Missouri

While the city has seen a major uptick in popularity thanks to Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, there’s still plenty of charm this Midwest city boasts on its own. Ride the new 150-foot-tall KC Wheel, or check out the new Rock Island Bridge, which will be home to dining, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more.

  • Eat: Gram & Dun

4. Mingan Archipelago, Quebec

Hiking among Canada’s largest concentration of erosion-sculpted monoliths will transport you to another world. Not to mention all of the kayaking, secluded beaches, and even more outdoor activities to revel in when you’re in the Mingan Archipelago.

  • Stay: The Île aux Perroquets where you can stay in a lighthouse and see puffins

3. Waterford, Ireland

Known for its crystal empire, Waterford also boasts plenty of history and natural beauty (it was founded in 914, after all). The Copper Coast showcases beautiful cliffs and coves on the sea, creating scenery unlike anything else.

  • Do: Afternoon tea at Mount Congreve Gardens

2. Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar used to be more difficult to visit, but thanks to a new electric ferry, getting to the small island from the mainland has never been easier. From a beluga whale sanctuary to the world’s largest puffin colony, and plenty of festivals throughout the year, there’s always something going on.

  • Eat: Any of the artisan bakeries

1. Pasadena, California

Not far outside of LA, Pasadena is a much prettier place to visit than the gray, smoggy city. The San Gabriel Mountains are just in view, and the green city center is easily walkable. There’s also plenty of new restaurants popping up, creating a vibrant food scene.

  • Visit: Pasadena Playhouse

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