Lydia Kah-Pavlou

Senior Content Executive

Lydia joined Student Beans in 2018 as a Content and Copywriter and never left, now working as a Senior Content Executive for the Student Beans Blog. With over 5 years of experience writing and creating content specifically for students as well as her own experiences of university, she has plenty of expertise in the student world and wants to help students feel empowered, listened to and represented during their studies. Lydia loves everything fashion, beauty, reality TV, pop culture and music (specifically Taylor Swift) is obsessed with her cats and can’t go a day without a Red Bull. If something’s trending on TikTok or someone brings up an obscure 2009 pop culture reference, she’ll know what you’re talking about.

  • English (BA Hons)
  • Media And Cultural Analysis (MA)
Personal Quote

“Even though I had a great time at uni and would love to be able to go back I also found it super hard when it came to being responsible for myself for the first time. I struggled with my mental health and learning new things, didn’t always feel represented on campus and wish I had more help and support while I was there, which is why I’m super passionate about helping other students navigate uni life. I know so much in hindsight now and want to make sure the Student Beans blog is a place that represents every single student with helpful and informative content as well as fun hacks and freebies to make life a bit easier”