Start Booking Your Holiday Travel Now To Save $$$

It’s already time to start thinking about Christmas travel! 🛫

Summer might be in full force, but the holidays will be here before you know it. Christmas is already less than 5 months away!

And while you probably already know that trying to get a cheap flight for a last-minute getaway for the month of August is impossible, the same will be when you try and find flights for the holidays in December. Here’s when you need to book your flights for the holidays to save the most money and get the best deals.

When to Book for Domestic Travel

For anything within the United States, 3 to 6 months is the “Goldilocks window” for getting your travel plans, especially flights, solidified.

Under normal circumstances, the Goldilocks window for domestic travel is about 1 to 3 months in advance of your trip. But travel experts are predicting a huge surge in holiday travel this year come November. That means now is the time to start getting your flights on lock.

Booking in the opposite season of when you’re planning to travel will allow you access to the cheapest prices across the board.

When to Book for International Travel

The Goldilocks window has also changed for international flights this upcoming holiday season. Under normal circumstances, travel experts usually suggest starting to research flights about 8 months in advance.

But the predicted travel swell has many advising to start getting your flights ironed out as early as 10 months in advance. Since that window has already passed, if you’re planning an international trip, you need to get booking. The smallest amount of time you want to leave is about 3 months out from your trip.

Booking early also means you’ll have the most options when it comes to your travel. But don’t forget you can also save on travel when you use Student Beans!

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