These States Will Pay Up To $15K For You To Move There

Get paid to pack your bags and live somewhere new.

Feel like you need a change of pace? Or maybe you’re just ready to live somewhere else after you graduate. Either way, did you know certain states are offering major cash incentives for you to relocate there?

Here are the top places you should move to ASAP if you want to get some extra money to live there—some places are offering up to $15,000!


Remote workers, this one is for you. You can get paid up to $10,000 to move to The Shoals in Alabama, even while you’re just working remotely!

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Alaska is offering incentives to new residents who move to Alaska and live there for an entire year. While legislators are hoping the payout will be closer to $3,000, the likely approved amount will be $1,300. This one reopens every January through to the end of March.

Apply from January 1 to March 31.


Mattoon, Illinois is three hours from Chicago and is offering incentives to move to the city. You’ll receive $5,000 cash and a $500 restaurant voucher.

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Located in southern Indiana, the city of Evansville is willing to give $5,000 to people looking to relocate to the city.

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Just north of Indianapolis is the suburb of Noblesville. The city is ready to give new residents $5,000 if they move to the area and work there.

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The city of Richmond is located right on the Indiana/Ohio border. They’re offering $5,000 to people looking to relocate to the city.

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South Bend/Elkhart—$7,500

South Bend and Elkhart are both on the Michiana border of the states. Different areas offer different amounts of money, depending on where you decide to move:

West Lafayette—$5,000

Home to Purdue University, West Lafayette is offering $5,000 to anyone who relocates to the city and promises to live and work there for at least one year.

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Right outside of Des Moines is the city of Newton. They’re currently offering a major housing incentive for anyone interested in moving there. If you purchase a home valued at at least $240,000, you’ll get a $10,000 cash bonus for purchasing a home in Newton.

Contact the Newton Housing Development Corporation to apply.


Lincoln—Free ready to build lots

If you’re thinking you’ll have to funds to build a house anytime soon, Lincoln will give you a free plot of land to build your home there.

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The city of Topeka has an incentive program called the “Choose Topeka Relocation Incentive” to encourage people to move there. You can snag up to $15,000 during the process!

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Two hours west of Louisville is Owensboro, Kentucky. To bolster the economy of the city, they’re offering big bonuses for those interested in relocating to the area. Namely, $5,000 to cover the cost of relocation.

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The city of Hamilton, Ohio is located about 20 miles north of Cincinnati. They recently launched their Talent Attraction Program (TAP), aimed at getting recent college graduates to move there. To help incentivize the program, the city is offering you $15,000 to help pay down your student loans!

Here is the eligibility criteria:

  • Have graduated within the last seven years from a STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, or Mathematics)
  • Not currently living in the Hamilton area
  • Provide proof of employment in Butler county

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Tulsa Remote was launched in 2018 and has been going strong since. You can snag a $10,000 grant to help move you to the city.

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West Virginia—$12,000

The entire state of West Virginia sponsors a program that will pay remote workers $12,000 to move there for a year. If you decide to spend a second year there, you’ll get an additional $2,000.

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