Get Paid $1 Million To Design A Burger

Your custom creation could be worth a fortune.

There’s nothing quite as iconic as the American fast-food burger. Of course, everyone has their favorite, but the Whopper from Burger King is definitely within the upper echelon. And in case you forgot what exactly makes a Whopper a Whopper, it’s a flame-grilled patty (beef or an Impossible Burger), tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and white onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.

But maybe you have your own personal spin on the Whopper that you think would be a sensation or a concoction that’s crazy enough to be delicious. Either way, Burger King wants to hear your ideas. And the best part? They’re ready to pay you 1 million dollars for the recipe.

How To Create Your Custom Whopper

If you think you have the winning recipe, head over to Burger King’s website or Burger King app to get started crafting your creation. You’ll start by choosing what kind of patty you want to use (beef or an Impossible Burger) and can then add up to eight toppings.

Once you submit your official entry, you get an AI-generated preview of your custom Whopper! You can even get an AI-generated jingle to share across social media platforms, too.

Three custom Whoppers will be selected as the finalists, and their creators will be brought down to the Burger King headquarters in Miami. The three final burgers will have a limited run and be voted on to decide the ultimate winner!

What You’ll Get For Your Winning Recipe

Once the winning idea is decided, the specialized Whopper will snag a place on the Burger King winner. Oh, and don’t forget that $1 million you get for coming up with the most delicious Whopper imaginable.

Even if you don’t win, Burger King wants to reward everyone for their creative efforts. Upon submitting your first entry into the contest, you’re eligible for a free Whopper with a $1 purchase from Burger King. You can redeem your coupon in the Burger King app.

Past Million Dollar Whopper Winners

Need some inspiration for what kind of burgers succeed in the contest? Here are the winners from previous years:

  • Ghost Pepper Whopper: spicy melted queso, crispy jalapeños, bacon, and ghost pepper cheese.
  • Angry Whopper: thick-cut bacon, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, angry onion petals, jalapeños, creamy mayonnaise, and spicy angry cheese.
  • Candied Bacon Whopper: sweet bacon jam, lettuce, tomatoes, crispy onions, garlic aioli, and candied bacon toppings.

Time to start brainstorming the next ultimate Burger King Whopper creation!

Whopper entries are due by March 17