Earn $2,500 By Measuring Hot Dogs At MLB Stadiums

Baseball season is back!

Now that spring is finally here and Opening Day has come and gone, we can officially celebrate the beginning of baseball season. Truly the most all-American of both pastimes and sports, there’s nothing quite like going to a baseball game on a warm summer evening and watching your team play.

Of course, hitting up the stadium means plenty of opportunities to grab some delicious ballpark food, too. And while the rankings release every year on who has the best food at MLB stadiums in the country, everyone usually gravitates toward one specific food during the games: the hot dog.

BetUS wants to know which MLB hot dog is the best in the country, and they think you might be the person for the job. Find out how you can apply for this dream position. And did we mention that you get paid to snack on hot dogs at every MLB stadium in the country?

The Ideal Applicant

To become the official Weiner Connoisseur for BetUS, they’re looking for a very specific person to fill the role.

The ideal candidate is a passionate hot dog lover, first and foremost. They must also have strong opinions on the grilled vs. boiled hot dog debate, are well-versed in all things sausage, and have their mouth watering at the idea of trying every MLB hot dog in the U.S.

When submitting your application, be sure to include why you’re the perfect person for the job. Remember, only one lucky person gets to fill the role!

What You’ll Do

If you’re ready to travel to all 30 MLB stadiums in the United States to find the perfect hot dog and be the official Weiner Connoisseur, here’s all the information about what the gig from BetUS will actually look like, determining:

  • Which hot dog has the longest length?
  • Which hot dog is biggest is diameter?
  • Which hot dog is the heaviest?
  • Which hot dog is the most expensive?

BetUS will post the official results once you survey the 30 different hot dogs in question.

What You’ll Win

Aside from getting to try hot dogs at every MLB stadium in the country, all of your expenses for the trip will be covered by BetUS. This includes travel expenses and tickets to the games for each hot dog-related excursion.

But your hard work will be appropriately compensated, of course. The Weiner Connoisseur also receives the following:

  • $2,500 cash
  • $500 gift card to the MLB shop (in order to get merch from your favorite team)
  • A free 1-year subscription to MLB.TV

Ready to send in your application to BetUS? Click here to submit your entry!

Applications are due April 18, 2024. The winner will be contacted by April 22, 2024.