LensCrafters Probably Owes You Money—Find Out How To Claim It

Claim your money from LensCrafters soon.

More and more companies are becoming the subject of major class action lawsuits, often giving payouts to hundreds of customers. LensCrafters is currently at the center of an ongoing class action lawsuit, with the payout being in the millions of dollars.

Odds are, if you made a purchase from LensCrafters in the past 10 years, you’re probably eligible for compensation. Want to be 100% sure? Check out the stipulations of the class action lawsuit. If you are eligible for a payout, find out how you can cash in and get your money. The deadline to submit your claim is coming up, though, so be sure to file it sooner rather than later.

Why is there a class action lawsuit against LensCrafters?

Even though LensCrafters didn’t admit to any wrongdoing during the trial, there was a class action lawsuit filed against them for false advertising. However, they agreed to a $39 million payout for eligible customers.

The lawsuit supposed that LensCrafters’ advertising gave customers misleading statements about their digital glasses fitting system, AccuFit Digital System. During the trial, the plaintiff stated the glasses company violated laws by claiming it was five times more accurate than other methods for fitting glasses.

And even though LensCrafters said the system was, “down to a tenth of a millimeter,” it failed to update the manufacturing process to produce glasses to the 0.1 mm specification. Thus, the glasses didn’t actually fit any better than other glasses on the market.

Who is eligible to file a claim with LensCrafters?

If you’re wondering if you qualify for a claim (and the subsequent payout) with LensCrafters, check out the criteria to see if you meet the requirements stipulated in the class action lawsuit:

  • U.S. residents who bought glasses from the company in the United States
  • People who were fitted for glasses from LensCrafters with AccuFit between the dates of September 5, 2013 and September 20, 2023

If you meet both of the criteria stated, you’ll receive up to $50 for each pair of LensCrafters glasses purchased during the timeframe.

How to file a claim

The deadline to submit your claim is on March 24, 2024. In order to be eligible, you must submit a member identification number on the online claim form when you file.

You would have received an email or notice in the mail from Kroll Settlement Administration LLC. For emails, the subject line would have been “Ariza v. Luxottica Retail.” Be sure to search through your emails to find your claim and submit it in time before the deadline.

If you need more information about the lawsuit or filing a claim, feel free to call (833) 933-8668 or send an email to info@accufitclassaction.com.