Save HUNDREDS Of Dollars With This Flight Booking Hack

Desperate to travel this summer? Try this hack.

With flights being exorbitantly expensive right now, the prospect of traveling anywhere this summer might feel out of the question. But with a travel hack that’s circulating on the internet right now, you might be able to go on vacation after all.

“Skiplagging” is the new way to fly, and it can save you hundreds of dollars. It’s time to find out what skiplagging is and how to take advantage of it ASAP.

What is Skiplagging?


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Skiplagging is when you book a flight that has a connection, but your actual destination is the connecting city. Allow us to explain.

Say you’re trying to fly from New York to Salt Lake City. When pricing flights, it might actually be cheaper to book a flight from New York to LA with a layover in Salt Lake City than to book a direct flight to Salt Lake City.

When you get to Salt Lake City from New York, you never get on the second half of your flight. The hack can save you anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars, so it’s definitely worth looking into when it comes to air travel.

How To Skiplag

One online booking service, aptly named Skiplagged, reveals cheap skiplag flights that you might not be able to find when you search on your own. They call these “hidden city flights.”

Just be sure to note that skiplag only lets you book one-way flights. Airlines will cancel return flights for people who miss any part of their departing flight.

You can also use Google Flights or other travel sites to plan your own skiplag, but it will likely take a lot more time and guesswork. And you obviously still can’t book a roundtrip flight.

Why Do Airlines Hate Skiplagging?

Because of the sheer amount of bureaucracy that comes with flying (think TSA checks and how strict airlines are about bringing anything extra onto a flight), the idea of skipping a flight feels like you’re breaking a huge rule. And airlines definitely want you to feel that way.

In 2021, American Airlines announced it was cracking down on travelers who skiplagged. And back in 2015, United Airlines sued the founder of Skiplagged (who was only 22 at the time) for $75,000 in lost revenue. Thankfully, Skiplagged won the suit.

All of this is to say that more airlines are cracking down on skiplagging flyers by adding language into their terms and conditions when you book your flight.

Does Skiplagging Work?

Despite airlines hating the practice, you can definitely still skiplag, especially if you’re willing to be a little risky about it.

The keys are that you:

  • Book one-way flights
  • Bring only carry-on luggage
  • Don’t make it a frequent habit

Ultimately, the airlines want to intimidate you and potentially cover their “lost revenue.” But skiplagging is still a viable option, especially if you have some bucket list destinations you want to hit up sooner rather than later.

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