These 15 Everyday Items Are Always Cheaper At Costco

Shop at Costco like a pro with these deals.

While Costco is known to have all kinds of interesting finds that you can save money on, did you know there are items that are always cheaper if you buy them there? If you’re looking to tighten your budget just in time for summer, this is for you.

These 15 everyday items are shown to be consistently cheaper at Costco than anywhere else. So they next time you’re out running errands and grabbing a few things, make sure it’s at Costco. And don’t forget to use the Costco X Student Beans discount for exclusive savings!

1. Nutella

Costco price: 20 cents per ounce

Average price: 27 cents per ounce

Load up on the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread at Costco, where it’s seven cents cheaper per ounce than at the grocery store.

2. Mac & Cheese

Costco price: 89 cents per box

Average price: $1.09 per box

A staple for students everywhere (and a great item to buy in bulk), you can save a whole 20 cents per box of mac & cheese you buy at Costco.

3. Spices

Costco price: 26 cents per ounce

Average price: 33 cents per ounce

If you cook or bake a lot, you know that having plenty of spices is important. Hit up Costco to save seven cents per ounce on your favorite seasonings.

4. Gift Cards

Costco price: 20-30% off face value

Average price: Face vaule

Did you know that you can even save on gift cards at Costco? Yeah, neither did we. Your Costco savings apply to gift cards, which is great if you’re shopping for graduation gifts.

5. Allergy Medicine

Costco price: 19 cents per pill

Average price: 43 cents per pill

If your allergies are kicking your butt this year, make sure to get any over the counter meds you need from Costco. You’ll save a whopping 24 cents per pill in every bottle, which adds up quick.

6. Dog Biscuits

Costco price: 6 cents per ounce

Average price: 8 cents per ounce

Who says your pup can’t enjoy Costco savings, too? Grab some dob biscuits while your there, which are two cents cheaper per ounce.

7. Maple Syrup

Costco price: 37 cents an ounce

Average price: 85 cents per ounce

Whether you use it for pancakes, baking, or sweetening your coffee, pure maple syrup is a heck of a lot cheaper at Costco. You’ll save 48 cents per ounce when you get it there!

8. Instant Ramen

Costco price: 38 cents per cup

Average price: 98 cents per cup

We all have a stash of instant ramen stored away for lazy weeknight dinners (or midnight snacks). As if it couldn’t get any cheaper, you’ll be paying 60 cents less per cup when you get it at Costco.

9. Multivitamins

Costco price: 6 cents per vitamin

Average price: 7 cents per vitamin

If taking a vitamin is part of your morning routine, consider getting your bottle from Costco. While it’s only one cent cheaper per pill, every little bit of money you save helps.

10. Coffee Pods

Costco price: 32 cents per pod

Average price: 55 cents per pod

Coffee lovers rejoice—Costco will net you some savings the next time you go to pick up a pack of pods. They’re 23 cents cheaper per pod at the bulk store.

11. Olive Oil

Costco price: 20 cents per ounce

Average price: 23 cents per ounce

Olive oil can be used for anything, so buying it in bulk is a smart move if you use it regularly. It’s three cents cheaper per ounce at Costco.

12. Rotisserie Chicken

Costco price: $4.99 per chicken

Average price: $8.49 per chicken

Rotisserie chicken is a great thing to have on hand for meals, especially if you do weekly meal prep on Sundays. Just be sure to get it at Costco to save $3.50 on every chicken you buy.

13. Cereal

Costco price: 17 cents per ounce

Average price: 21 cents per ounce

A breakfast staple if there ever was one, getting cereal at Costco will save you a bit of money. It averages about four cents cheaper there than other stores.

14. Pain Relievers

Costco price: 6 cents per pill

Average price: 7 cents per pill

Keep your medicine cabinet well-stocked, just in case. Pain relievers are one cent cheaper per pill at Costco than the average drug store.

15. Paper Towels

Costco price: 2 cents per sheet

Average price: 3 cents per sheet

Another good thing to have on hand for spills and cleaning, paper towels are one cent cheaper per sheet at Costco than other stores.

We knew Costco was magical, but we never guessed it was quite this glorious. And seriously, what feels better than saving money? Save even more by using your Student Beans discount when you shop at Costco, too!

Can’t get enough Costco? Be sure to pick up plenty of this throwback snack from them, too! And use all the money you’ll be saving on coffee pods to outfit the best coffee station ever for your room!