Sephora’s Spring Sale Is Coming—Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Freshen up your beauty routine for spring!

Spring has definitely sprung, and with it plenty of new looks to try out for the new season. It’s also a great time to get some spring cleaning done to make room for new products you plan on buying.

So while you’re taking inventory of what you need, be sure to do a once over when it comes to makeup and skincare—now is the time to do some serious shopping. Sephora’s Spring Savings Event is about to launch later thing month, and that means plenty of opportunities to save some serious cash on products you love.

We’ve got all the info you need about Sephora’s Spring Savings Event, along with the best deals you can shop before the sale right now. Shop online and use code YAYSAVE to save up to 20% off your entire purchase!

When is the Sephora Spring Savings Event?

The Sephora Spring Savings Event begins on April 5. Rouge Rewards members (people who have spent $1,000 or more at the store in the previous year) can save 20% across the entire website.

VIB members (those who have spent $350 or more) and Insiders (all other rewards members) have to wait until April 9 to start shopping the sale. They’ll be able to save 15% and 10% off, respectively. But on April 5, everyone can save 30% off the entire Sephora Collection of products.

The sale lasts until April 15.

When does Sephora usually have sales?

Sephora usually has four big sales throughout the year: one in April, one in August, one in November, and one in December. For the first three sales, your savings are determined by your membership tier. But during the final sale in December, everyone is eligible to save 20% on one purchase.

Will Sephora offer 20% off?

For Rouge Rewards members, they are eligible to save 20% during every Savings Event throughout the year. But like we said, everyone can get one 20% off purchase during the sale in December.

How many times can you use the Sephora spring discount code?

When shopping online, there’s no limit to the amount of times you can use the YAYSAVE discount code. Use it as much as you like on your orders. Just note that a few brands are excluded from the sale.

The Best Deals To Shop Right Now

Although the Sephora Spring Savings Event doesn’t officially launch until April 5, there are still plenty of great deals you can snag over at the sale section of the website. Check out all the must-have products before they disappear during the Spring Savings Event!

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