coffees in hands
coffees in hands

Coffee Station Ideas For Your College Dorm

Create the perfect caffeine corner for your dorm!

Coffee Station Ideas For Your Dorm

If you’re the kind of person who needs coffee to get going in the morning, an afternoon pick me up to get through the midday slog, or a little something extra to help you cram at night, a coffee station is an essential part of dorm living. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of great ways to configure your dorm or apartment with coffee bar ideas for small spaces!

Coffee Station Cabinets & Tables

1. Kitchen Cart

If you’re taking any other small kitchen appliances with you to school, getting a kitchen coffee cart is a good idea. You can use all the drawers and additional storage to keep everything organized and in one place, which is essential in a small dorm space where a countertop coffee bar might not fit.

2. Entry Table

An entryway table isn’t just for your entryway! This small and narrow table makes for a perfect coffee station. We advise getting one with drawers so you can use it for additional space to hold things like spoons, sugar, coffee beans or ground coffee, and K cup storage if you have a Keurig coffee machine.

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3. Baker’s Rack

While you definitely won’t be able to fit one this big in your dorm room, a baker’s rack goes vertically when it comes to creating your DIY coffee bar – much like a coffee hutch. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of extra floor space in your room, allowing it to use the walls and eliminating clutter on the ground, while still allowing space for a coffee maker.

4. Storage Table

Even a simple table with some additional storage bins can make for a great coffee station! It’s a simple and easy to find solution for your dorm. You don’t have to get too technical when it comes to creating your dorm’s coffee station setup!

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Spaces

5. On Top Of A Dresser

If you don’t have room to devote an entire piece of furniture to your small coffee station, simply make one on top of a piece of furniture you’re already using, like a dresser. A coffee bar table is an ideal way to save space.

6. A Small Tray

In order to make a mini coffee station feel like a coffee station, use a tray to help contain everything you need for your coffee station. It helps it look like a designated area without taking up a ton of space in your room. We recommend putting it on your desk!

7. Corner Countertop

If you’re looking for coffee bar ideas for your kitchen and have an empty corner, why not put your coffee station there? The corner will automatically help everything feel contained without adding any extra furniture to your room. A corner coffee bar cabinet will create a cute coffee nook for you and your friends to enjoy, too.

8. Tiered Tray

Remember, go vertically when storing things in your dorm! Using a tiered tray like this will allow you to create a great coffee station if you don’t have much extra space on your furniture (or don’t have room for an entire piece of furniture just devoted to being your coffee station). On that note, make sure any lighting or extra coffee bar decor aims to make the small space feel larger, i.e.

K-Cup Storage Ideas

9. Revolving Carousel

K-cups can take up a lot of room, so this revolving carousel will help keep everything nice and organized for your Keurig. Having each side of the carousel be a flavor or blend of coffee will ensure you’re easily able to pick which kind of coffee you’re craving that day.

10. Drawer

There are plenty of storage drawers that are designed to fit under your Keurig, giving you plenty of storage without taking up a ton of space. Most of them even have dividers, allowing you to sort your different kinds of coffee with ease.

11. Glass Bowl

Feel free to flaunt your coffee by storing them in a simple glass bowl! This is a super affordable option, and you’ll always be able to see how much coffee you have on hand. You can find a glass vase like the one pictured at craft stores for a reasonable price.

12. Canisters

While canister sets are traditionally used for dry goods like flour and sugar, you can easily repurpose them to store K-cups. You don’t have to get too creative when it comes to storage—just think of easy ways to store your K-cups that don’t take up as much space as the boxes they come in!

People Also Ask…

What Is Blonde Roast Coffee?

A blonde roast is essentially the same thing as a light roast coffee. It has a lighter flavor and higher acidity than dark roasts. When roasting blonde coffee beans, you’ll want to do so at a lower temperature and for less time. the flavors that come through in this roast of coffee tend to be more nuanced and unique.

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

When sealed, coffee beans can last anywhere from six to nine months. Once the beans have been opened, the shelf life tends to be around six months. That means you can safely buy your coffee in bulk without worrying about it tasting stale!

How To Store Coffee Beans?

When storing your coffee, use an opaque, airtight container at room temperature. This ensures that the coffee stays fresh for the longest amount of time. And don’t think about refrigerating or freezing your beans—coffee tends to absorb moisture and odors.

How To Make Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is super easy to make. Simply boil water and put one heaping tablespoon into your cup for every eight ounces of water. You can adjust the amount based on your preferred level of strength. Add the boiling water and still until the granules dissolve. And don’t forget the cream and sugar!

How To Recycle K-Cups?

When K-cups first hit the market, many were worried about the environmental impact all the single-use plastic cups would have. Thankfully, Keurig has tweaked their method so K-cups can easily be recycled. Simply peel the label off the top, dump out the grounds, rinse the cup, and recycle accordingly. Easy!

Ready to create the ultimate coffee bar? We can’t wait to see how you design it for your caffeine needs! We know it will be the most utilized spot in your room as the semester goes on, especially as you’re getting back into the swing of classes!

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