Get Free Burgers Every Weekend From This Pub

Need an excuse to go out this weekend?

There’s truly nothing better than spending a weekend at your local pub and enjoying a burger and a few drinks, especially now the sun is finally coming out.

If you plan on spending several nights out in a pub garden weekly over the next few months, you’re probably already worrying about your bank balance for summer (and just not looking at it won’t make it any better).

If your summer plans are already stacking up and you’re wondering how you’re actually going to pay for everything (or thinking about extending your overdraft) you’re in luck as you could end up scoring free food from your local pub every week to help you save your pennies and spend more on a few more drinks.

Which pubs are giving out free burgers?

Round up a mate and get down to your local Hungry Horse pub as they’re running a 2-for-1 promotion every Friday for summer. This means that when you buy one burger, you’ll get another one for free which means if you’re with a friend you’ll only have to pay for the cost of one between the two of you— which is a bargain. Or, alternatively you could have two burgers to yourself, we’re not judging

So, whether you’re going on a date night or a flate trip out, you’ll want to make sure there’s an even number of people going so that everyone can take advantage of this deal and score some free burgers.

What burgers are included in this deal?

The following burgers are part of the buy one get one free deal:

  • Quadzilla Burger- £14.99
  • Korean BBQ Chicken- £11.29
  • Smokin’ Jack- £10.79
  • Southern Fried Chicken Burger- £9.79
  • Bacon Cheeseburger- £9.49
  • Classic Cheeseburger- £8.69
  • The Home Run- £13.79
  • The Gravy One- £11.79

So, if you were to order a Classic Cheeseburger you’d get another one for free and could split the price with your friend and pay just £4.35 each. Or, if you feel like something a bit more substantial the Quadzilla burger—which is a double bacon cheeseburger topped with 2 buttermilk chicken breasts and nacho cheese sauce, would cost you just £8 each. Alternatively, you could opt for The Gravy One for £5.89 each, which is a southern fried chicken burger, hash browns and cheese covered in gravy.

Don’t forget, each burger comes with onion rings and fries too so you’re getting a full meal for free, not just a burger, so we’ll take one of everything, please.

The offer is currently running every Friday at Hungry Horse pubs across the UK, so if you need something to do this weekend and are on a budget, grab your flatmates and check out this deal before it runs out.