Win Free Pizza Or A Trip To Italy By Drinking Bottles Of Coke

Who doesn’t love free pizza?

If you can’t get through the week without drinking a bottle of Coke or it’s your go-to mixer of choice, your bin is probably full of empty bottles. Yeah, us too, there’s no shame in this.

Well, if you’ve been trying to cut down you might want to hold off for the next week or so, as Coca-Cola is currently running a pretty cool competition that could see you winning the ultimate cosy night in so you’re going to want to buy a bottle or two or check the bottles your housemates might have in the fridge.

How can I win free pizza or a trip to Italy?

It’s really simple and all you’ll need to do is buy a sharing bottle of Coke to get started. The good news is, that the promo is available for both regular Coke and Coke Zero sharing bottles, so you don’t have to miss out if you prefer the taste of Coke Zero. This also means if you’re trying to cut down on regular Coke, you can enjoy a bottle of Coke Zero instead and not miss out on this promo.

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Once you’ve bought a sharing bottle you’ll need to download the Coke app where you’ll be able to scan the QR code on your bottle to enter the free competition. When you’ve entered, you’ll be eligible to win one of 25,000 Domino’s pizza vouchers worth £20, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a tasty takeaway night in for free which is a great deal. After all, pizza and a bottle of coke is an elite combo and they go together perfectly.

Now, while pizza is a pretty great prize a further 4 winners will win a trip to Naples, the home of pizza to visit the Pizza Village. So, if pizza is your favourite food, going to Naples to try authentic Italian pizza is an absolute must and would be the perfect way to kick off your summer plans this year and make 2024 one to remember.

While only a few people will win the trip of a lifetime to Italy, there are plenty of Domino’s vouchers available so no one has to miss out on free pizza.

You’ll have to be quick though, as this promotion ends on the 25th of March 2024 so check your old Coke bottles before throwing them out, see what you have in the fridge, and stock up this weekend to enter before the competition ends.

If all else fails, don’t forget you can get a student discount at Domino’s all year around so you can save on a takeaway whenever you get that pizza craving.