Get Paid £20,000 To Eat Cadbury Chocolate Fingers

It’s time to make that Big Tesco Trip.

If you’re addicted to Chocolate Fingers you’ll probably be able to get through a packet in 5 minutes in no problem and have probably complained that you don’t get enough in the box.

Well, if you think you could go through multiple boxes a week you’re in luck as Cadbury is running a new promotion which could see you winning up to £20,000 which is a life-changing amount of money when you consider Chocolate Fingers cost less than £2.

How Can I win £20,000 by eating Chocolate Fingers?

It’s quite simple really, you just need to stock up on boxes of Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers between now and the 1st of June. The promotion which is appropriately titled “Fingers Crossed” will be running for the next few months, and there are 200 boxes of Chocolate Fingers out there that could win you a big cash prize.

All you have to do is find two “crossed fingers” in your packet— quite literally two chocolate fingers that are crossed together and you’ve won a prize. However, you won’t be able to eat it or you might miss out on your prize.

You’ll need to retain your special crossed fingers and the winning ticket inside your box and follow the instructions to claim your prize.

The prizes up for grabs include:

  • 3 x £20,000 prizes
  • 4 x £10,000 prizes
  • 7 x £5,000 prizes
  • 10 x £2,500 prizes
  • 16 x £1,000 prizes
  • 30 x £500 prizes
  • 50 x £100 prizes
  • 80 x £50 prizes

So, all you have to do is find one of these winning boxes and you could win a huge £20,000. Not to mention, the runner-up prizes aren’t too bad either with 4 lucky winners being able to score £10,000 each and even the lowest prize of £50 would definitely make your day.

What products are eligible?

Luckily, you can stock up on different varieties of Chocolate Fingers to try and find one of the 200 winning boxes.

The following are part of the promotion:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers
  • Cadbury Bournville Fingers
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Fingers
  • Cadbury White Fingers

Other variants are not part of this competition, so make sure you’re only buying these flavours if you want the chance to win. When it comes to finding a lucky box, all major supermarkets and corner shops are fair game with boxes distributed to stores including Aldi, B&M, Spar, WH Smith, Poundland and Savers as well as your regular shops like Asda and Tesco.

If you find a winning box you have until the 1st of August 2024 to claim your prize and boxes will be on the shelves from now until the 1st of June.

So, your best chances of winning that huge cash prize are stocking up on Chocolate Fingers and making that your favourite snack for the next few months. Count us in.