Here’s How To Get Free Food At Nando’s

Nando’s date pending.

No matter how bad you day is, it can always be improved by a Nando’s. Whether it’s your date location of choice, somewhere you love to catch up with friends, or can’t resist ordering hungover from Deliveroo, I think we can all agree that Nando’s is one of the best things about the UK.

Now, if you’re a regular Nando’s visitor you probably know about the current loyalty scheme—however, there have been some recent changes that can see you scoring free food easier over the next month.

So if you love landing a bargain, here’s what you need to know about scoring some free food at Nando’s this month.

How can I get free food from Nando’s?

First of all, you need to sign up for the Nando’s Rewards Loyalty Scheme, which you can do right here. Once you’re a member you can add your loyalty card to your mobile wallet, so it will always be on you when you visit your local Nando’s.

The way the loyalty scheme works is by scanning your card every time you visit Nando’s and you’re paying for your food. Doing this will allow you to collect chillies which can then earn you free food as a reward. Normally you collect chillies every time you spend £7, and once you’ve collected, three, seven, or ten you can redeem for a reward.

The rewards system earns you the following:

  • Three Chillies- Green Reward: free starter, 1/4 chicken or three chicken wings
  • Seven Chillies- Orange Reward: free 1/2 chicken, burger, pitta or wrap
  • Ten Chillies- Red Reward: free whole chicken or regular meal with one or two sides.

However, there has been a recent change and temporary change in the loyalty scheme that you’ll need to redeem quickly.

From now until the 14th of April, when you visit Nando’s and spend over £20 you’ll automatically be given an Orange Reward. This is an Easter bonus which you’ll need to redeem quickly, but it’s pretty easy to spend £20 at Nando’s, especially when you’d usually need to spend over £40 to get an Orange Reward.

You’ll still get a Chilli to collect, but you won’t need six as usual to get your Orange Reward. This means you’ll either get 1/2 chicken or any burger, pita, or wrap of your choice entirely for free. Although the offer does exclude the Butterfly Burger, Sunset Burger, and Smokey Churrasco Burgers, so bad luck if one of those is your fave.

Although you only have until the 14th of April to earn your Orange Reward, you’ll have until the 12th of May to redeem it, so you can definitely save it for a bad day to cheer you up.