How To Get Free Coffee From Greggs & Caffè Nero Every Week

Coffee tastes so much better when it’s free.

Can’t get through the day without at least one coffee? Yeah, us too. If your favourite part of going to lectures is buying yourself a coffee and a sweet treat and you refuse to bring it from home in a travel cup because it just doesn’t taste as good you’re not alone (and you’re right, it doesn’t taste as good when you make it at home).

If you constantly have someone in your ear telling you you’d be able to save more money if you stopped spending so much money on iced lattes or fancy hot chocolates, you can now tell them that there’s actually a way where you can get your weekly coffee fix for free.

How can I get free coffee from Greggs & Caffè Nero?

If you just can’t live without coffee but wanna cut back on how much you spend on it each month, you’re in luck as if you’re a member of Octopus Energy you’ll be able to claim a free hot drink every single week.

It’s pretty simple, if you’re a member you can download the Octopus app and go to the Octoplus rewards section where you’ll be able to claim a free hot drink from either Greggs or Caffè Nero. You can get any hot drink and you can enjoy this offer once every single week, so you can definitely make it part of your weekly routine to stop off and grab a free coffee before uni. The offer is running until October, so you’ll be able to get a free coffee weekly all summer.

To be able to actually claim the free coffee, you’ll need to either be an existing member of Octopus or switch your provider to take advantage of all the cool rewards and benefits you get for being a member.

In fact, it’s worth switching if you find your energy bills are expensive as not only will you get some great perks for being a member, but when you sign up via this referral link you’ll get £50 free credit in your account. Plus, you’ll need a smart meter to be an Octoplus member, which means you’ll easily be able to see exactly how much energy you’re using which can help you to be more energy efficient and make cutbacks.

Octoplus members will also get discounts at shops, cinemas and other cool rewards as well as the free weekly coffee and when you consider that most energy providers don’t actually give out any rewards or perks, it’s definitely worth considering switching to help you save some cash for your student house.

So, next time you’re going to get your coffee fix, don’t forget that you can get a free coffee every week when you visit Greggs or Caffè Nero.