You Need To Start Buying Your Gift Cards At Costco

Get your holiday shopping done for a fraction of the price.

Gift cards are a staple during the holidays, especially for the tough to shop for people on your list. So whether you’re planning on getting one or ten gift cards this year, you’re going to want to get them at Costco.

Scroll to find out why you need to start buying your gift cards from Costco to potentially save hundreds of dollars this holiday season.

How To Save Money On Gift Cards

TikTok user and financial educator @raviwadan posted the above video to showcase just how much money you can save when buying your gift cards at Costco.

Buying the gift cards in bulk means Costco can give them to you at a discounted rate. So if you’re buying $100 worth of gift cards, you can get them for $80 instead.

“It surprises me how many people don’t know this, but actually sells gift cards to some of your favorite places at a discount,” @raviwadan explains. “You can get $100 worth of Domino’s gift cards for $80. You can get $100 worth of Papa John’s gift cards for $80.”

Other Ways To Save At Costco

This hack works best for when you’re buying your gift cards online, but @raviwadan noted that you can save when buying gift cards in-store as well. The only catch is that the selection tends to be more limited.

Certain gift cards also might have a restriction on how many you can purchase at a time, so plan your shopping accordingly.

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