You Can Get Paid MILLIONS To Create Cartoons

If you’re looking for a sign to start creating, this is it.

Calling all creatives—artistic, writing, or otherwise! The mega-popular South Korean-owned online comics platform Webtoon recently announced just how much they pay their English-language comics creators, and the results are eye-opening, to say the least.

The company’s total payouts for their creators topped a staggering $27 million since 2020, an increase of over 75% since launching their monetization strategy just three years ago. The top-earning creator got more than $9 million just last year.

How To Get Started

While it might seem daunting to upload your work onto the internet, Webtoon makes it easy to start serializing your work in no time. Just follow these six easy steps:

  1. Login or sign up for a Webtoon account
  2. Select your genre (or two)
  3. Name your series
  4. Upload your series thumbnail
  5. Write a series description
  6. Publish your first episode

How Will I Make Money?

When users subscribe to your content (by paying a small fee for early releases of weekly chapters), a portion of revenue will be sent to you. Webtoon also recently implemented a tipping system, allowing users to give extra money to their favorite creators. And if you’ve got a hit on your hands, the company is also open to TV, book, and film deals through their own studio!

How Much Will I Earn?

Webtoon CEO Junkoo Kim said that last year on average, some South Korean creators were making the U.S. equivalent of six-figure salaries. Thanks to their advanced metrics and algorithms, Webtoon is able to connect creators with users who will likely enjoy their content.

As with any content creator platform, establishing an audience will take time and effort, but the only way you’ll start bringing in fans (and income) is to just buckle down and get started! Just be sure to give us a shoutout if you suddenly become a Webtoon superstar.

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