You Can Win A Year’s Supply Of Doughnuts & Coffee

Your caffeine fix is sorted for the next year.

If you can’t go a day without buying a coffee and a sweet treat you’re probably aware how much money you’re spending on it but just can’t stop. However, it’s absolutely a lifestyle and it’s just not as fun to spend a break between lectures without grabbing a coffee and something to eat. Yes, you could bring it from home but it doesn’t hit the same.

Well, if you need a pick-me-up every month to get you through your deadlines, late nights or relationship dramas look no further as we’ve found the perfect treat for students.

SheerLuxe has teamed up with Doughnut company Project D to offer a new competition which could see one lucky winner rewarded with some tasty treats which all your friends will be envious of.

How can I win a year’s supply of doughnuts & coffee?

You can enter the competition right here!

One lucky winner will receive a six box of tasty doughnuts delivered straight to their front door every single month for the next year and it’s sure to make your housemates jealous. If you do win, you probably won’t want to share the news in case your box mysteriously disappears before you get home from your lectures, even though Evri said it’s been delivered.

As well as the doughnuts to fuel your study sessions, you’ll also win a year’s supply of coffee in the form of a delivery of 250g of in-house blend coffee beans each month to pair with your doughnuts. So, you won’t have to stop at Costa before your lectures you can bring coffee from home and it will actually taste good.

Plus, if you’re getting stuck into a late-night study session there’s no better combination than coffee and doughnuts to get you through it when you’re lacking motivation.

So, if you can’t think of a better prize you can enter the competition right now to be in with the chance of winning. You have until Monday the 11th of March to enter. In the meantime, why not check out Project D and see what tasty treats they have on offer.