Broke? You Can Book Coach Tickets For Just £2 This Easter

You don’t have to spend a fortune travelling home for Easter.

Yeah, we know train prices are so expensive right now but luckily there’s an affordable way to travel around the UK instead. Best of all? The already cheap Megabus is getting even cheaper next month with thousands of cheap tickets for journeys and you can book right now.

Plus, the Megabus travels to over 9,000 UK cities, has regular journeys every day and you can reserve a seat to take the stress out of travelling.

So, if you’re choosing between a £60 train journey and a £2 coach it’s pretty obvious what the winner is, but you have to be quick as the tickets won’t be around for long.

How can I get a £2 Megabus ticket?

First of all, you need to be quick as while there are 10,000 £2 golden tickets available they’re limited time only and won’t be around for long.

From now until the 15th of March you can find these £2 tickets for selected journeys between the 15th of March and the 15th of April. This is perfect if you’re going home for Easter or visiting friends in other cities over the Easter break.

If you want to buy a £2 ticket, you’ll need to find one as the limited-time only super cheap offers are hidden among the regular fares on random Megabus journeys so you might need to do a bit of a search.

Simply search the journey you want to take for your selected dates on the Megabus website, and a £2 offer might come up hidden among the other offers. It’s definitely worth trying a few times to see if you can find a £2 ticket, as the offer won’t be around for long.

Some example journeys you could currently book for £2 include:

  • Glasgow to London- normally £14.99
  • Liverpool to Newcastle- normally £12.99
  • Sheffield to Edinburgh- normally £12.99
  • London to Manchester- normally £8.99

You also need to be wary that there will be a £1 booking fee which is the case with all tickets but even with the booking fee you could get some serious savings on your next coach journey over Easter.

So, if you’re going home for Easter or have been putting off visiting one of your friends in their uni cities because the train is too expensive now’s your chance to grab a super cheap Megabus ticket while you can.