Get Paid THOUSANDS To Move To These Sunny Holiday Destinations

Grab your passport and say goodbye to the grey UK for good.

If you’ve ever seriously thought about packing up and leaving the UK, the temptation is especially real in the winter when it’s cold, grey and all-round miserable and depressing.

Well, it turns out that moving abroad can become even more of a tempting reality because some countries are actually willing to pay you thousands of pounds to move there and help boost tourism.

What’s the catch you ask? Well, in most cases you’ll have to do something to help boost the local economy or tourism such as renovating a house or living in a quieter town, but you will be paid for your move. So, if the 9-5 London corporate grad life just isn’t calling your name this could be a great opportunity to finally escape the UK.

What countries can I get paid to move to?


In Italy there are a few opportunities available to prospective residents, the first is Candela which is offering single people £686, couples £1,115, and families £1,716 to move there. You would need to rent a property there and secure a job that earns more than £6,434 a year and that’s literally it, no other catch.

Other offers are available in some Sicilian towns which are offering newcomers the chance to buy property there for just 86p. Yes, you read that right, if you’ve ever been told you won’t be a property owner until you’re in your 50s you can wave goodbye to that idea, as even the most skint of students could afford this opportunity.

The catch is you’ll need to renovate the property, which won’t be in the best condition, and pay a deposit of £4,289 to secure your property but this will be paid back to you once the renovation is complete, so other than that it’s a steal.


Ponga is offering young couples £2,573 to move there for 5 years and if you have children while you’re out there, you’ll be paid £2,573 for each child you have.

Elsewhere Xesta a town with just 100 residents has 125 properties available to rent which cost just £85.80 if you’d be willing to move there. Or the town of Griegos is offering work, 3 months of free rent and further rent of just £193 per month if you continue living there.


Locations that will pay you to live there: Antikythera, Greece 🇬🇷 #antikythera #travel

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Antikythera is an island running a scheme that will give future residents a home, some land and a payment of £429 every month for the first 3 years that you’re living there. This means you’ll be living on a quiet island with stunning beach and you’ll get given a home for free which is an offer that’s hard to resist.

If you can’t wait to get out of the UK it’s worth researching these opportunities and taking the plunge after uni, especially if you love to travel and can’t think of anything worse than a boring 9-5.