These Are The 6 Student Instagrams You Should Follow To Get Healthy Meal Inspo

If you’re looking for some healthy meal inspo we got you.

Here are the student instagrammers you should defo be following for healthy and delicious recipes on a student budget.


If you’re looking for delicious and affordable vegan meal inspiration, look no further than Eloise or @thatveggiestudent. Her insta is jam-packed full of tasty pics of vegan food and meal ideas that’ll definitely sort you out for Veganuary (and beyond).

Brb, just heading to Aldi to buy 17 vegan bbq jackfruit pizzas.


It can be difficult adjusting to a gluten-free diet, seriously why does EVERYTHING contain gluten?! But Jess from @glutenfreepicks makes it way easier. She’s got this sussed. She shares gluten-free restaurants and homemade meals (we’re loving the breakfast bowls) as well as posting about student life and mental health.


Alex is a food blogger who (mostly) eats a plant-based diet. We love this insta because the recipes are super healthy, affordable and easy to follow. Big shout out to this vegan fajita bowl that is ideal to whip up at the end of a long day.

Alex also posts recipe videos, check out this tasty hummus recipe, that makes cooking vegan food easy.


What we love about Sarah’s account is that she makes healthy(ish) meals that are easy to make on a student budget. There’s a super relaxed approach to this foodie account, and we are so here for it. We love that it’s relaxed and doesn’t make you feel pressured to always eat healthy… Seriously, we’re drooling over the egg-free raspberry and chocolate brownies right now.


Lauren is another one of our favourite insta food bloggers, with her awesome recipes specifically for students. This healthy, easy cod and tomato curry will definitely hit the spot during the cold winter months in your student house.


Elena’s insta is all about cooking up healthy vegan meals for students. That means they’re delicious, vegan and budget friendly. Perfect.

We’re also a massive fan of the mismatched kiwi/watermelon socks. Issa look.