The WORST Supermarkets For Price Hikes Revealed

Prices across the main UK supermarkets have tripled in the last two years.

Doing your weekly food shop has got even harder on a budget thanks to the cost of living crisis and prices drastically increasing. If you’re finding it harder to make cutbacks thanks to the rising prices, you’re not alone as many household favourites have almost tripled over the last few years.

Now, new research from Which? has analysed over 21,000 popular food and drink products to track this inflation. Looking at products from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl, and Ocado the research compared the price from now to what it was two years ago, and the price change is shocking.

What food categories are the most expensive to buy?

The research from Which? showed that milk, cheese, and bakery items are some of the worst contenders for inflation across the 8 supermarkets.

Food CategoryInflation % from June 2021-2023
Butter and spreads32.6%
Bakery 30.3%
Cakes and cookies30.1%
Juices and smoothies29.6%
Savoury pies and quiches26.4%
Enery drinks23.3%
Energy drinks23.1%
Fresh fruit14.8%

What products are most expensive to buy?

BrandSupermarketAverage cost 2021Average cost 2023% DifferenceItem
Mr KiplingSainsbury’s£1.00£2.75175%Bakewell slices
Mr KiplingOcado£1.00£2.54153.6%Bakewell slices
Mr KiplingTesco£1.00£2.49148.6%Bakewell slices
Own labelMorrisons£0.49£1.19142.9%Morrisons Italian Mozzerella
Own LabelAsda£0.93£2.25141.9%Free From Soft Cheese Alternative
Weser GoldLidl£0.68£1.49120.6%Orange Juice
StorkOcado£1.05£2.30119%Stork baking spread butter alternative
Own LabelMorrisons£0.99£2.14115.9%Morrisons special flakes
Own LabelAsda£0.62£1.50141.9%Asda free from special flakes
Own LabelAsda£0.62£1.35117.7%Unsweetened soya drink
Own LabelAsda£1.15£2.53120%Camembert Cheese
Own LabelLidl£0.79£1.85132.4%Chene D’argent Brie
Own LabelSainsbury’s£0.17£0.38123.5%Hubbards Foodstore Water
Own LabelSainsbury’s£1.94£4.28120.6%Pork loin steaks x4
Own LabelMorrisons£0.95£2.09120%Greek feta

The research shows that own-brand labels and vegan and free-from products are some of the most common that have been impacted by inflation. Bakery, dairy, juice, and cereals are some of the most commonly impacted categories, all of which are staples in most people’s weekly shop.

Aldi, Lidl and Asda were revealed as the worst offenders for hiking up their prices, which may come as a surprise as these supermarkets are known for being the budget and more affordable supermarkets. This means that for those that rely on shopping at the budget supermarkets such as Lidl, you may not be saving much more than if you shopped at Sainsbury’s instead.

However, many supermarkets have also reduced the cost of items such as bread in recent months. Data from Kantar showed that grocery inflation has dropped to 16.5% in June down from 17.2% in May, so prices are changing all the time.

You can find out more about the research from Which? here.