Tesco’s Meal Deal Wrapped Has Landed—Here Are The UK’s Fave Choices

You can tell a lot about someone by their meal deal choice.

Meal deals are one of the best things about the UK and someone’s choices can certainly be a divisive subject. Tesco’s Clubcard Unpacked dropped at the end of 2023 to give some insight into individual purchase history, but the data has also been able to reveal a wider picture of the UK’s choices.

Tesco has now been able to reveal the UK’s favourite and most popular meal deal choices and honestly, some of the results are shocking.

The UK’s favourite meal deal sandwiches

  1. Tesco Sausage Bacon & Egg Triple Sandwich
  2. Tesco Chicken Triple Sandwich
  3. Tesco Smoked Ham & Mature Cheddar Sub
  4. Tesco The Chicken Club Sandwich
  5. Tesco Hoisin Duck Wrap
  6. Tesco Chicken Caesar Wrap
  7. Tesco Southern Fried Chicken Pasta
  8. Tesco Chicken, Bacon & Stuffing Sandwich
  9. Tesco Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta
  10. Tesco Triple Cheese Sandwich

The UK’s favourite meal deal items

  1. McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak Grab Bag Crisps
  2. Coca Cola Regular
  3. Tesco Egg Protein Pot
  4. Big Hoops BBQ Beef Grab Bag Crisps
  5. Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Grab Bag Crisps
  6. Oasis Summer Fruits
  7. Lucozade Sport Orange

So it turns out that people are most likely to grab a sausage, bacon & egg sandwich with a bottle of Coke and a bag of McCoy’s as their first choice. Plus, crisps seem to be the go-to for most of the UK for lunch, so while Tesco can push the healthier choices onto us as much as they want, most people are probably going to ignore that and who can blame them?

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