Get Paid £10,000 To Eat Creme Eggs

Cadbury’s ultimate Easter egg hunt is back for 2024.

Easter is just weeks away and if you miss the Easter egg hunts from your childhood, you’re in luck as you could win some huge prizes by taking part in the Cadbury egg hunt that’s landed across the UK.

Whether you love or hate Cadbury’s Creme Eggs you’re going to want to stock up, as the ultimate treasure hunt is on and if you win one of the special prize Creme Eggs, you could win some huge cash prizes.

So, if you’re not the biggest fan, find a friend who is and get on the hunt as you could find a Creme Egg worth a huge amount of money.

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How can I win £10,000?

The easy answer is, you need to buy Creme Eggs and look out for the special winning eggs. You’ll need to keep an eye out when you open your Creme Egg for the special half-white chocolate, half-milk chocolate egg.

If you do find one of these rare and special Creme Eggs, you’ll need to unwrap it carefully and look for the ticket inside which will tell you how you can claim your prize. There are actually 306 winning eggs up for grabs, all with different values. Some eggs are worth £50, and 4 lucky winners will win the huge £10,000 prize.

You’ll be able to find the winning Creme Eggs at stores across the UK, from big supermarkets to small convenience stores.

To make things a bit easier here’s a handy list of where you can expect to find the winning eggs hidden and what prizes you could win.

  • Waitrose: 13 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 2 x £500 and 3 x £50)
  • Iceland: 5 winning eggs (2 x £1,000, 1 x £500 and 2 x £50)
  • Morrisons: 29 single winning eggs and 3 winning eggs in a multipack (1 x £5,000, 4 x £1,000, 7 x £500 and 20 x £500)
  • Tesco: 48 winning single eggs and 5 winning eggs in a multipack (1 x £10,000, 1 x £1,000, 7 x £500 and 44 x £50)
  • Co op: 40 winning single eggs and 5 winning eggs in a multipack (1 x £10,000, 5 x £500 and 39 x £50)
  • Asda: 61 winning single eggs and 10 winnings eggs in a multipack (1 x £1,000, 20 x £500 and 50 x £100)
  • Sainsbury’s: 34 winning single eggs and 4 winning eggs in a multipack (1 x £10,000, 10 x £500, 27 x £500)
  • B&M: 2 winning eggs (2 x £1,000)
  • One Stop: 4 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 1 x £500 and 2 x £50)
  • Booths: 2 winning eggs (2x £1,000)
  • Booker/BRP: 6 winning eggs (1 x £5,000, 2 x £500 and 3 x £50)
  • Independent corner shops: 30 winning eggs (1 x £10,000, 1 x £1,000, 3 x £500 and 25 x £50)

So, all you have to do is head down to your local supermarket or convenience store and hope for the best. You’ll need to be quick though, as Creme Eggs will only be on shelves until the end of March and if you do win you’ll need to claim your prize by the 31st of May.