Know Your Lover From Your Folklore? New Job Is Hiring A Taylor Swift Expert

If you know all the words to All Too Well (10 Minute Version) this is the job for you.

If you’re counting down the days until the Eras Tour lands in the UK (which is just four months away, if you weren’t counting) and know your Swiftie knowledge is better than the average person, we’ve found your dream job.

You could be hired as a Taylor Swift expert by the V&A museum in London and if you’re constantly talking about Taylor Swift and annoying your friends, your time has definitely come.

Yep, if you’re marking off the surprise songs on a list and can’t wait until your Eras Tour date, this will definitely pass some time for you while you’re counting down the days and deciding which era you’re dressing up as.

How can I be hired as a Taylor Swift expert?

The V&A wants to hire this expert to help educate other people on everything Taylor Swift as well as informing on the curation of future exhibits, and share insight into friendship bracelets, tour signs and memorabilia.

However, you’ll have to be a big fan to get the job and this probably isn’t something you can study for— you either know the Folklore love triangle or you don’t. You’ll need to know more than the fact she was born in 1989, as the ideal candidate will be someone who collects things, whether that’s making friendship bracelets for a living or having every rare vinyl you can find (if you have the Lover live from Paris vinyl, this could be you).

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The lucky winner will get to meet the curators of the V&A museum and help them out with your Swiftie knowledge as well as going behind the scenes at the museum and see exclusive items from the museum’s Taylor Swift collection.

If you think you’ve got what it takes you have until the 7th of March to apply and will need to prove what makes you the ultimate fan and what Swiftie merch or albums you have in your collection. Don’t worry, you won’t have to prove you know every song on Debut.

The position is unpaid, but travel expenses to and from the museum during your role will be covered.

If you’ve dabbled in Fearless and Red here and there but don’t consider yourself a huge Swiftie, don’t worry as there are other positions available too. If you consider yourself an enthusiast of Drag, Crocs or Emojis you could land yourself one of these expert positions instead, so get applying if you think you have what it takes.