Get £1 Burger King For You & Your Mates With This Hack

We can’t say no to a £1 burger.

January is often credited as one of the worst months of the year thanks to the cold weather and exam season. If you need a break from revising or spending all-nighters at the library we’ve found a great deal for you and one of your friends to take advantage of throughout the whole month.

Whether you’re a bit of a regular at your local Burger King or you only go every now and again, this deal is a great reason to venture outside even if you’re battling arctic winds and snow right now.

All you have to do is download the Burger King app and bring a friend along with you to your local restaurant. This is because Burger King has launched its first-ever refer-a-friend scheme and if you refer a friend to download the app, both of you can get a tasty reward.

Simply find the offer, which is titled Burger King Friends Forever on the app and refer a friend to download the app and spend £10 on an order and you’ll both be able to score a burger for £1 each. You’ll need to go to a Burger King restaurant to collect your burgers and can choose from a Chicken Royale or a Vegan Royale.

Best of all? There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer, meaning if you manage to round up 5 friends you’ll be able to use the offer 5 times.

The promotion is running until the 31st of January and is a great opportunity to score some cheap food so don’t miss out.

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