Win EVERYTHING Advertised During The Super Bowl + $50K

A Super Bowl prize unlike anything else.

The Super Bowl is one of the most iconic American experiences every year. Whether you’re actually watching the game, checking out the ads, snacking on delicious food, or even just trying to spot Taylor Swift, there really is something for everyone. And even though we’re having a direct repeat from the 2020 Super Bowl, the game is bound to be a good one. But this year, DoorDash is looking to make everything about Super Bowl LVIII bigger and better than ever.

Thanks to their massive giveaway, you could win literally one of everything advertised during the game. On top of that, you’ll receive a massive check for $50,000. Find out how you can enter this once in a lifetime sweepstakes!

What You’ll Win

DoorDash isn’t kidding around when they say you’re going to win everything advertised during the Super Bowl. For real—you’ll win one of every single product shown in the commercials throughout the game. There’s a huge range of ads this year, so your prizes will vary wildly. Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • 1000 Popeyes chicken wings
  • Kia EV9
  • 24 bars of Dove soap
  • 20 family size packs of Oreos
  • 4 12-packs of Starry
  • FanDuel Kick of Destiny Helmet
  • 720 Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Kawasaki Off-Roading Vehicle
  • 80 assorted Drumstick ice cream cones
  • 30 pound bucket of mayonaise
  • 23 bags of Nerds Clusters
  • Coors Light cornhole set
  • Volkswagen (vehicle TBD)
  • 25 cans of Pringles
  • BetMGM Lion Plushie
  • State Farm red polo and khakis
  • 288 bags of Peanut Butter M&M’S®
  • 40 bags of Doritos® Dinamita®
  • Budweiser Clydesdale saddle
  • 60 bottles of Mountain Dew Baja Blast
  • BMW i5 M60
  • Michelob Ultra cooler

On top of all the amazing prizes, DoorDash is also giving the winner a check for $50,000. The intent is that you use it for a down payment on a future house.

And with the housing market and cost of living being what it is right now, we agree—throw that check in your savings account and save it for when you’re ready to become a homeowner. Or use it on student loan payments. Either one is a good option, in our opinion.

How To Enter

You’re going to have to be a bit of a sleuth if you want to win all the prizes included in this giveaway from DoorDash. First, be sure to watch the Super Bowl (obviously). Then, during the DoorDash commercial, you’ll need to “crack the code.” While we don’t know exactly what that means yet, it definitely sounds like you’re going to need to be paying attention during the ad.

Once you’ve figured out what the code is, head over to to submit your answer. That’s it—your entry is in the hands of DoorDash after that. The winner will be announced on February 12, the day after the Super Bowl game. The only eligibility requirements are that you’re at least 21 years old and are a legal resident of the United States.

Entries are due February 11.