woman in workout clothes
woman in workout clothes

The Top 5 Student Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Stay in shape while you’re at college with these student fitness influencers.

Finding a balance between classes, extracurriculars, and a social life during college is tough enough—not to mention trying to stay healthy during the process. Follow these five Instagram accounts to see how other students stay active while juggling the responsibilities of college life.

1. Nneka Uchendu (@duragdoctor)

Originally from Nigeria but currently based in Detroit, Michigan, Nneka is currently a med school student at Wayne State University. Her account is full of workout ideas, meal planning tips, fitness inspiration, and her journey to become a doctor.

2. Brooklynne Palmer (@beetsbybrooke)

With an emphasis on a plant-based lifestyle, Brooklynne is getting her Masters in Public Health at the University of Texas at Houston. Her goal is to help people achieve health at every size while also sharing plenty of healthy recipes and tips to eliminate food waste.

3. Bret Mossing (@bretmossing)

At only 22 years old, Bret has already built a company around his fitness expertise, Mossing Fitness. Aside from posting workouts on his Instagram, Bret creates customized workouts and nutrition plans depending on individual client needs.

4. Danielle Robertson (@dannibelle)

Certified personal trainer, online coach, and law student, Danielle is also the owner and founder of her two companies, DB Fitness and DB Active. Prioritizing health and wellness for a reasonable price, Danielle also has plenty of free resources on her blog.

5. Tobias Green (@tobias.training)

With plenty of workout inspiration, Tobias posts a mix of body weight and weightlifting content, documenting his own fitness journey in the process. He also shares easy recipes (think healthy breakfast smoothies and meals on the go) that are perfect for busy students.

Remember to give yourself grace as you establish a new routine. It’ll take time to find a rhythm, but with these accounts at your fingertips, you’ll be crushing it (and avoiding the dreaded freshman 15) in no time!