Need Some Motivation? These Free Apps Will Help You Stick To Your Goals

Don’t give up on your New Year’s Resolutions just yet.

Alright, we’re officially halfway through January already. While it might feel like the longest month ever, once you get through it, the rest of the year will be a breeze — we promise.

Whether you’re doing 75 soft or hard, couch to 5k (or our personal favorite, couch to Eras Tour), training for a marathon, hitting the gym more or just getting your steps in it can be hard to keep the motivation going once it hits mid-January.

If you’re starting to lack motivation or just need a bit of a push to keep going, there are loads of free apps you can download that will help you stick to your goals throughout the year.

Remember, you set these goals for a reason and you’ll only thank yourself if you keep going. Of course, listen to your body and take all the days off but remember to keep pushing through when it gets hard because it will get easier.

The best free fitness apps to download

For running: If you’re training for a race or just trying to improve at running the Nike Run Club is a great free app that can help ease you into it with guided runs and accurate tracking of performance and the route you take. Your coach will help to motivate you and keep you going even when it gets tough.

For weight training: If you’re new to weight training it can be really intimidating and confusing, especially when everyone else in the gym looks like a pro. The Gymshark app is a great app with guided training plans to help you keep on track. The Gymshark66 challenge is also currently running which encourages users to set and track personal habits over 66 days to help you learn and stick to the goal.

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For cycling: The Strava app is great for cyclists as it will track your route and performance, with extensive and easy-to-read data. The community element allows you to add friends to compare stats and challenge one another to push yourself to your very best.

For everything: Although you will need a Fitbit to utilise the app, the Fitbit app is a great app that shows accurate stats on everything from heart rate, steps, and sleep data. There are also guided workouts that you can do at home on days when it feels too hard to get out to the gym. It’s a really great app to track your progress.

Remember that everyone has off days and it’s ok to take breaks, but you set these fitness goals and you can achieve them it just takes time and patience.

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