The Viral TikTok Workouts Actually Worth Your Time

Navigate the fitness influencer world like an expert.

As a certified personal trainer, it’s a bit easier for me to discern which exercise tips are legit and which are…less than trustworthy. But for the average person heading to TikTok in hopes of finding a good workout, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people on social media telling you which fitness hack will change your life.

I’ve scoured TikTok looking at some of the top trending workouts to help you find the ones that are actually good for you. These are four of the best TikTok workouts you can do, regardless of your skill or fitness level.

Treadmill Strut Workout

Everyone knows that the perfect playlist can really make your workout that much better (and go by a lot faster). And instead of doing the ridiculously viral (and incredibly overrated 12-3-30 treadmill workout), opt for the strut workout.

Plenty of people have already hopped on this trend and done the work for you by synching up walking speeds with certain songs. Ranging from Broadway show tunes to Taylor Swift, you’re bound to find the perfect playlist to perfectly match your pace and keep you moving anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

LISS (low-intensity steady state) workouts have a whole host of health benefits, and walking in particular is a great way to get moving.

5-Minute StairMaster Burnout


try this AFTER your lower bod lifts & thank me later 🥵🍑 fit is @TLF Apparel (TLF-NORAC) #stairmaster #glutepump #glutefinisher #tlfapparel #tlf


As a former powerlifter who would end every workout on the StairMaster, I can 100% confirm it’s the piece of cardio equipment you probably aren’t using (or using enough). You don’t have to be on it for very long to see (and feel) the benefits.

Plus, anyone can commit to 5 minutes, even if you’re pushed for time in the gym. Use this to give yourself a little extra burn after a lifting session to ensure you keep your cardiovascular health at its peak.

Shy Girl Workout

Walking into a gym, especially if you’re newer to exercising, can be an incredibly daunting prospect. Where are you supposed to go? What does all this equipment do? Why are there so many people over by the dumbbells staring at themselves in the mirror? But fear not! Enter the shy girl (or guy) workout.

Specifically designed for those who don’t want to lift with a huge audience, the shy girl workout uses minimal equipment and can easily be done in a solitary corner of the gym, away from everyone else. You’ll get a solid workout in, allowing you to build up your confidence quietly, away from the crowds.

75 Hard (…maybe)


🤔 WOULD YOU ATTEMPT 75 HARD CHALLENGE⁉️👀 #mikemajlak #impaulsive #podcast

♬ Summer – Instrumental – Devinney

If you have any kind of social media whatsoever, you’ve probably heard of the 75 Hard Challenge. As the name implies, it’s not meant to be easy.

For those uninitiated, the challenge requires that you:

  • Perform one indoor 45-minute workout (generally meant to be on strength training)
  • Perform one outdoor 45-minute workout (generally meant to be some kind of cardio)
  • Drink one gallon of water daily
  • Consume no alcohol
  • Stick to a specific diet or meal plan (which means no cheat meals)
  • Read 10 pages of a book (preferably nonfiction)

I can attest firsthand that I’ve seen this challenge change people’s lives. While it’s not meant to be a longterm plan, it can certainly jumpstart people into a more health-focuses mindset.

However, most experts agree that any short-term (and named) health plan is one you likely won’t stick to. I personally think you can tool 75 Hard into a more sustainable plan that allows for more longevity if the original challenge feels like too much. Make it work for you!

Just be warned that if you do opt for the OG 75 Day Hard, it’s meant to be tough. That’s why I suggest it, but with a caveat.

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